Witchy clothing sites

Hey all! What’s everyone’s favorite sites for witchy clothing & accessories that don’t break the bank?


Welcome @Cellophaneflowr!

That’s a good mission to be on- I hope the coven can point you towards some fun witchy clothing shops!

I have a rather eclectic sense of fashion myself- my wardrobe is pieced together from clothes I acquired up during my travels. The witchy shops I patron are more herbal/crystal based and don’t really have clothing lines :sweat_smile:

But I do know that @MeganB and @Silverbear are both very talented witches who I believe sometimes carry clothing in their shop inventories:

You can also check for clothing shops mentioned in the Recommendations Category or visit Coven Member Shops to see the talents of the coven.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m a big fan of thrift shops for this look. Ive scoured so many shops and always come away with more than I need~and not just clothing. I shop online at dollskill once and awhile (if you stalk their sales it’s worthwhile) and I like Killstar and also sourpuss clothing online (again they have good sales) mostly everything I like ships from the states so if you are American you’ll have a way easier time!
In Edmonton I do have a few local shops that carry the stuff I love but it’s really pricey. There’s Mars and Venus Emporium as well as Rowena.
But honestly even the Hot Topic has good stuff you just have to be a bit picky.
I love shopping and having a diverse wardrobe so I can wear what I’m feeling :black_heart:


I can imagine that your wardrobe looks absolutely magickal, @AliceInWonderdab! :tshirt: :sparkles: Thanks for all those witchy clothing recommendations! :star_struck:


I have a LOT of clothes :grimacing::joy_cat: I’ve always been a theatre kid and to me clothes are meant to be worn like costumes~and what I end up in depends on so many factors.
Another site I tend to shop at a lot is Vêtements homme & femme, shoppez la mode en ligne | SHEIN
There’s A LOT to look at it can get overwhelming at times but they really have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a person could want.



Here’s some links to make things easier :black_heart:


As a fellow arts kid and ex-Ren Faire worker, I love this! :grin::two_hearts: Clothes can be everything from a form of expression and pride to a protective shell that helps build confidence :muscle:

Thanks so much for the links- they’re very helpful! :sparkles:


Yes all of this is awesome!! My cousin works many Ren Fairs throughout the US and I always ask him to keep an eye out for anything cool, if he can get a discount haha! But this is all great info to look into. Keep em coming!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::fire:


I love Shein, and they are so affordable I can shop every two weeks to add to my wardrobe. Customer service is excellent as well.


OH! I can’t believe I almost forgot about

You can use the code wonderdab15 to save as well!!!


Cool!! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful suggestions! So far I think I like Shein, I’m definitely looking for more of a boho style than a goth style. I’ll check this one out too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::tipping_hand_woman:t2:


Recently my partner and I have been shopping at a Polish store called “Medicine”- their clothing features artwork by local artists (especially tattoo artists). They have some really gorgeous things and a lot of the styles align very well with a witchy aesthetic :wink:

Here’s a tank top I just got from them:

The European website is here: https://wearmedicine.com/
It is only in Polish, but it translates with Google Translate and I believe they will ship to the entire EU.

Their Australian website is here: https://wearmedicine.com.au/
The Asutralian website has discounted shipping within Australia, but they say they ship internationally too.

If you just want to see some cool art by the artists currently featured and pieces in the current collection, you can see the current artists and some beautiful pieces here. Note that Medicine constantly changes the artists featured- so if you see a piece you want, I recommend getting it! Once they sell out they won’t carry that item/art anymore.

A few more pieces to show off! :star_struck:

Art by Natalia Szwed

Art from the Medicine Collection

Art from the Medicine Collection

Just wanted to share for anyone hoping to add to their witchy wardrobe collection! Happy shopping :shopping: :grinning:


Ooh! Cute tank for the summer! Love the print :heart_eyes:


Thank you, @Christine13! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I agree, it will be good for the summertime… now we just have to wait for summery weather (we’ve got a long way to go- still snowing here in Poland!) :laughing: :snowflake:

May warmer days come soon! :sun_with_face: :tshirt:


Just a heads up on SheIn - they are very hit or miss in my experience. I bought a ton of stuff from them (~15 pieces) when I was getting ready to go on a trip, and I only ended up liking 4 items. I found the size chart to be accurate. If I recall correctly, most items have the fabric content for the items you are interested in purchasing (read it!) - I did not do that, and I assumed that things would be more cotton-like, and I received some really cheap, itchy, bad quality stuff that was so thin with loose thread everywhere and missed stitches, I actually ripped one of them putting it on. Had I paid more attention, I wouldn’t have purchased those items…

Since you mentioned boho, a few of my favorite online shops are Natural Life (I just placed an order, no idea quality yet), Free People, Francesca’s, Princess Polly and Earthbound Trading Co. The sale section on those sites usually has some cute and cheap stuff, and they regularly have promo codes. My style is a mix of girly girl boho, cottagecore, goth, and comfy whatever goes around the house.

You can also try Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari if you are fine with preowned stuff. It’s like thrift shopping from the comfort of your own home. I am in the US, so I’m not sure if any of those are available elsewhere.

I can usually find something anywhere, whether it’s a place like Kohl’s or TJ Maxx or a thrift store. I am in an area with a lot of local vintage boutiques and farmer’s markets that sell local clothing designers (but they are usually a bit pricey).


Thanks for your tips about Shein and all those awesome sites to check out, @Elle! :two_hearts:

Well that sounds amazing :star_struck: I’ve heard of Depop before I think, but not the other two and I haven’t tried any of them before. It looks like Depop is strictly fashion, but Poshmar and Mercari have a bit of everything in addition to clothing- what a fun way to go thrift shopping! :sparkles::shopping:

Thank you, Elle! :blush:


https://www.blackcraftcult.com/ This is also a good site for witchy clothing :witch_hat: :grin: