Spells on object

Hello everyone!
I happen to create arti facts such as dream catchers, magic wands, wizard staff and other things. Wondering if will I be able to put spells on them? Like Protection spells ect. What kind of spell shall I cast if I want to put it objects, please?


Welcome. I will let those with more experience point you in the right direction on your question…
If you have those woodworking skills I should let you finish my pine wand. I carefully picked my piece of wood but my woodworking skills are so lacking I don’t know if I will ever get it finished.


Welcome @elisa4 ! Glad you found us! I’m still a baby witch but you will receive plenty of helpful responses! You can search on spells8 main page for videos on your topic as well. Merry meet! :revolving_hearts:


Merry meet, @elisa4 :heart:

Welcome to the forum- it sounds like you are quite the talented crafter! I personally would say absolutely- adding spells to items is a huge enhancement. Although actually, many Art Witches and other magickal crafters will say that making something with love and care by hand is an act of magick itself! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you’d like to cast a spell, the type of spell to cast will largely depend on the function of the item and your intention. Here are few types of magick you might consider:

Consecrating Tools
Note that consecration is usually done by the one who will be using the tool in their spellwork- these spells are great for personal use

Charging is a great and easy way to imbue a magickal tool with energy for spellwork. Crystals and water are commonly mentioned, but all tools can be charged


Do you maybe have a witchy shop for the artifacts you craft? If so, would you like to add it to the Coven Member Shops List? It’s a collection of witchy shops owned by coven members so that the coven can support one another :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy crafting and blessed be! :sparkles:


Miss Elisa, welcome with love. Your question is, can you put a protection spell on, let me say, an object? I really don’t see why not.
There are spells to bless charms, tokens, wands and the candles for your altar. Check out the blessing spells on this site and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and someone should have something you can use.
Garner, Master of All Elements

I just read what our own beloved TheTravelWitch wrote and her answer was so much clearer than mine. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions here, we love them…and you.
Be safe, be blessed and know you be loved.


Hi @elisa4! Just a quick welcome to the forum! I’d say that a spell you crafted for yourself, for that object would be more powerful. But yeah, spell away!

Good luck!


@jim I do woodworking. I made 3 of my own wands and I do all kinds of things


Hi and welcome! This is is about as supportive and friendly an online community as one could be. Are the spells that you want to cast for the object or for you? Are you casting the protection spell to protect the wizard staff, or so the staff protects you?

Maybe it doesn’t matter, but sometimes spells can be picky and literal.


I might try to get a picture of the starter piece I have. It was chosen for such great reasons. Pine for the magic properties that pine has associated with it and the location as it was a meaningful place to me. Should make a great wand.


You are very kind, @Garnet, but don’t sell your beautiful words short! Everyone has their own flavor to their Craft and expresses things in different ways. The more answers to a question, the more likely it will be that someone in need can find the right answer for them! So thanks to you for sharing your valuable thoughts too, and agreed- the forum welcomes all questioners and answerers alike! :handshake: :heart: :blush:

Good point, @Undomeher! :+1: I absolutely agree with this- whatever the purpose the spell may be, having a clear intention at the start is key.


Thank you all for your answers!
My idea is to create arti facts dedicated to specific people. For example I would create something for a friend according to what they need in life (love, luck, protection, self love) and would like to put the right spell on it. Then I will gift the arti facts, however I am planning to open a little marquee at the local market.
I do not have a website, nor I am selling my creation yet, thanks for the offer!
I am only a beginner but I feel my power is growing :heart_eyes: