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A warm welcome to all!

As an entry to this week’s The Many Colors of Magick Challenge :rainbow:, I decided to charge two magickal tools with the power of sunlight :sun:

As many of us know, most cleansing and charging rituals take place under the light of the moon :full_moon: . We can draw on the moonlight to purify and charge our magickal tools (or help with creating a potion such as Moon Water).

In addition to cleansing and purifying, the light of the moon can imbue certain properties to our tools depending on the phase of the moon :crescent_moon: .

But what about sunlight? :sun:

Although sunlight appears white or golden yellow to the naked eye, sunlight is actually a combination of all colors combined. When we see a rainbow, it is actually sunlight being separated into it’s many different colors :rainbow: .

As explored in this week’s challenge, we know that each color has its own magickal meaning. Black, for example, can be used for protective work, while yellow helps to increase strength.

If each color has magickal properties and the sunlight is a combination of all colors- what a wonderful way to charge our tools and imbue them with colorful energy and strength! :muscle: :star_struck: :sparkles:

With a circle of salt for purification and cleansing, I laid two of my favorite magickal tools under the light of the rising sun :city_sunrise:

Throughout the day, they will soak up the warmth and energy of the bright sunlight shining through the window :sun_with_face:

I’ll let them charge throughout the day and will take them in when the sun sets this evening :city_sunset:

Going forward, I think I will use moonlight and salt spells for cleansing and purifying :full_moon: :salt: and the sunlight primarily for charging and energizing :sun:

Do you charge/cleanse your magickal tools? If so, how do you usually go about it- moonlight, sunlight, something else? :sparkles:

Wishing sunshine and smiles to all!

Blessed be! :sun_with_face:


I use every way just to see the difference in energy. Did you know that you can use sound of voice to charge, salt lamps, tingshas, tuning forks, singing bowls, rice, water, crystal clusters, salt, etc charge too.
One of my favorites is to make a circle of clear quartz, any type of clear quartz and place the crystal or toil to be charged in the center of the circle.
Thanks for the great post @BryWisteria :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::hibiscus:


I have used sunlight, moonlight, selenite, & water (when it’s safe to do so). I like to give them all a nice cleanse & charge under the moon even if I have done it another way throughout the month.


I love your challenge entry :heart::heart: I do use both the sun and the moon for charging and cleansing and now thanks to @christina4 I’m looking into doing it with crystals as well :heart: I like the eclectic nature of using all of the methods based in the purpose of the ritual, like using the sun for power or abundance spells, the moon for protection and healing spells :heart::full_moon::sunny:


What a wonderful idea! I usually use sound and palo santo to cleanse my tools but the sun would be great!


I have been known to charge a few of my tools but most of them also serve other purposes. I don’t have any specific ritual-only tools (yet) but one day I will. Most things I’ve ever charged have been under the moon but I do enjoy making sun tea! I definitely count that as charging under the sun :laughing:


I did not really know :thinking: that @BryWisteria that when we see a rainbow, it is actually sunlight being separated into it’s many different colors :rainbow: .

I find this to be a very good option going forward @BryWisteria. I actually do this, moonlight for cleansing and sunlight for charging :dizzy: for me I find when you do this you can somewhat realise the difference.

I do however prefer to cleanse and charge my crystal babies under running water before putting them under the full moon. I however one day will try to cleanse them by submerging them under the earth.

All in all I enjoyed reading your entry it was real informative. Thank you for sharing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve used music for cleansing before, but I think using the power of your voice to charge tools and items is an amazing idea too- thanks for the tip, @Christina4! :speaking_head: I’ll have to give that a try! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Those are all lovely ways of cleansing and charging, @Susurrus :heart:

I agree, @Liisa- there’s something wonderfully freeing and eclectic about drawing on the various forces and elements available to us! :sparkles::blush:

Sun tea most definitely counts as charging with the sun, @MeganB! :sun: :star_struck: My mother learned about sun tea a while back and has been obsessed with it lately- it’s a great (and tasty!) summer activity! :tropical_drink: :yum:

You are very welcome, @NickWick! I’m glad you found the information to be helpful- wishing you all the best with charging and cleansing your magickal tools and crystals! :blush::two_hearts:


Make sure that when you bury them, mark a spot so you remember where they are! I buried some crystals and completely forgot where they were!! 🤦