Moon charging jewelry

i just baught 2 bracelets to unblock 2 chakras. I was wondering if i can charge them right away or should I wait for the full moon?

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Greetings @Katt!

Each phase of the moon has a different energy- what will you be using these bracelets for? :prayer_beads:

The New Moon can be a time of rest and recovery, or you can use the energy to fuel new beginnings. :new_moon:

The Waxing Moon is when the moon appears to grow in size each night. You could charge your jewelry under a waxing moon to encourage new ideas and the growth of power. This is a time of gaining and achieving. :waxing_gibbous_moon:

The Full Moon is when the moon is most powerful. This is a good time to draw on the moon’s energies for powerful spells or rituals or to cleanse your crystals and jewelry in order to purify them. :full_moon:

The Waning Moon is a time of decrease. This is good time to do spells and rituals about removing negative energies or dispelling bad or harmful forces. :waning_crescent_moon:

You can take a look at this article About the Moon and its Energies for more details about each phase during the cycle! :sparkles:

While it is common to charge crystals and jewelry under a full moon, if you want to use your jewelry for another purpose (such as drawing in good energies or repelling/lessening harmful energies) you can harness the power of the other phases of the moon too! Maybe try charging them at different times, and see which yields the best results for you! :blush:

Good luck and Blessed Be! :heart:

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Very informative ty
The bracelets will be used for unblocking my heart and crown chakra.
I thought I may have been cursed but after a tarot ready that was the result, blockage.

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I’m glad your cards were able to enlighten you about the blockage! :flower_playing_cards: When charging the bracelets, you could definitely draw on the strength of the Full Moon this weekend :full_moon:, or, since your goal is to charge the bracelets with energy for unblocking, you could considering waiting a bit and drawing on the energy of the waning moon :waning_crescent_moon:. The waning moon is great for decreasing, removing, and unblocking :+1:

No matter how you decide to go about charging your jewelry, I wish the best of luck! :blush: Let us know how it goes! :two_hearts: