Orange Attraction Bath- Highly Recommended! 🍊

Last week @LimeBerry shared the Orange and Mint Attraction bath ritual as part of the Prosperity Challenge- and I was so tempted by it, I decided to give it a try over the weekend! :bathtub: :tangerine:

Her very helpful instructions are here:

I didn’t have mint on hand, so I substituted with basil leaves. Basil is a medicinal and medical herb that is commonly associated with love. It’s also one of my favorite herbs for kitchen witchery! :herb::yum:

I also added Himalayan Salt because of its protective qualities and how nice my skin always feels after a salt bath :blush:

I also decided to use a mix of both white and my new pink (peony and apple scent for autumn!) candles :candle:

My skin can be sensitive to citrus, so I decided to only use one orange :tangerine: . It turned out to be just the peels because whoopsies- I ate most of it while I was prepping the bath :joy:

But after the bath I felt SO GOOD. Ohhh, it was heavenly! The citrus scent was so uplifting and really brightened my mood. And yes- I can say I felt darn attractive afterwards!

this is an amazing bath ritual to lift your mood and bring a sense of self-confidence and attractiveness.

Thanks so much again to @LimeBerry for sharing- I really enjoyed this bath ritual! :bathtub::sparkling_heart:


@TheTravelWitch I adore your basil substitution! We are actually so ridiculously in sync it hurts. I was genuinely planning to do this with basil next time :joy: basil is my fave :herb::heart:
Glad you enjoyed the bath! :tangerine:


Whoopsies :rofl::rofl: I love you @TheTravelWitch you’re amazing! That looked to relaxing and heavenly! And your bathroom, whoa, makes me want to move to Poland!! :sparkling_heart: Lovely :rose:


Hahaha I feel the same, @LimeBerry! :joy: Ohhh definitely tell me how you like the bath with basil- and I’ll give it a try again with mint the next time I come across some! :herb::bathtub: Thanks again for sharing your ritual recipe, this really is one of my all-time favorites! :grin::two_hearts:

Love you too, @christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ohhh it was heavenly indeed- I really recommend it to help refresh and give an extra boost of self-confidence! :sparkles: Hahaha you’re sweet- it actually looks much nicer on camera than it does in person! I try to hide the washing machine, laundry, and other messes when I take pictures :laughing:


Haha don’t we all hide some sort of mess🤭