🌾 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Inviting Abundance

That’s a beautiful abundance altar!


Ok attempt two I did the spells 8 calling in the quarters to cast a circle and then did the spells 8 road opener.

I’m proud of myself for attempting it even though I felt clunky as hell. I’m so new to spellcraft that I lack confidence in myself and I get very self conscious and I get caught up in the details too much, I know the only way to conquer that is to just push through and that’s why I like these challenges and cast alongs they really do help to push me and work on my craft. I’m hoping to really get better at witchcraft.


I have to tell this story - since it’s about abundance. I did do a prosperity and good luck jar awhile back. I placed it on my altar and of course over time it got pushed back, dusty… “forgotten”.

My husband and I have had a lot of major things happen lately that we have had to replace…

I had to get a new car… UGH! Our clothes dryer died and our boiler had to be replace all within 3 months of each other… OWIE!!

Anywho… I was stressing out about money, and I had remembered my jar. I went and got it…I looked at it, and shook it up a bit. Dusted if off and meditated over it. I said, hey little jar! I need some help - sorry I neglected you. :frowning: and I placed it on a mirror on a windowsill.

The next day I got a call from a client referral. They wanted to hire me to build their website.

WOOT!!! If that isn’t inviting abundance in I don’t know what is. The spell I used is below.

Good Luck & Prosperity Jar Spell.

I started this by gathering all my stuff and cleansing it.

You will need:

  • A Jar - Any size you wish.

  • Green Candle - Used for goals, money, financial success, good luck, good fortune, abundance, and generosity.

  • Black Salt - Protection - I make my own with my sage and charcoal ashes, salt and this batch had eggshells. (added protection boost)

  • Cinnamon Stick - Prosperity, Success, Speeds up spells, Money drawing, & Victory.

  • Cloves - Good luck & Wishes, Friendship, and Money.

  • Chamomile - Attracts Money, peace, Love and Tranquility.

  • Sage - Soothes Stress, and Protection. Helps with Intentions.

  • Rosemary - Drives Away Negativity.

  • Clear Quartz - Amplifies Magic.

  • Tigers Eye - Good luck, Mental Clarity, Dispels Fear and Anxieties.

  • Green Aventurine - Attracts luck, abundance, and success. Can also help with unresolved emotional issues.

Have whatever you want to consecrate nearby, light your sage or palo santo. Ask for the plant spirit blessing, “I ask that the plant spirit of palo santo please infuse this space with blessings”.

Pick up your object, fan it with your smoke, go all around it and say, “with this smoke I cleanse this object of all negative or harmful energy so that I may use it for my highest good. So, it is said, so shall it be.”

Once all that is done you can begin by casting your circle and then start constructing your jar.

Casting a circle is not necessary, but I prefer to use one. It just feels right to me.

I use either a sage smudge stick or a Palo Santo stick and extend my dominant arm in front of me, while the sage/Palo Santo is lit, I walk in a circle clockwise and say,

“I cast this circle for my protection. Keep all negativity out and let only love come in. Blessed be.”

Now begin to add each item to your jar. Think about what each item means to you as you place it in the jar.

When it’s all put together. Sit and meditate a few moments. Thinking about how your life is full of abundance, in health, money, luck, and love…or whatever it is you desire.

Seal your bottle with a green candle and repeat this chant below or make one up for your own – remember it’s ALL about YOUR intentions.

“The winds of change I feel tonight. The waters are calm, and the sky is bright. Luck be mine come into me, my desires are true, so it is said, so shall it be!”

I used a butterfly charm to finish off my jar and wrapped it with hemp rope. Butterfly wings symbolize great luck, and in many cultures if a butterfly lands on you, it represents money is soon to come your way or it can mean extra good luck is headed your way.

You can decorate it however you want…or don’t add a charm at all.

When you are done your spell – walk counterclockwise and say, “The circle now fades. It is done. Thank you palo santo for the blessings & protection, blessed be.”

I will keep this until I feel it has been fulfilled, I will dump all the contents into a toilet paper tube and then I will bury it in the woods in my backyard; and I will thank Mother Earth for receiving my items and keeping them safe. I switch it out of the glass as it’s better for Mother Earth.

I don’t place it in the toilet paper tube to begin with because I like to look at this and meditate on it…and this is prettier than a toilet paper tube LOL However, you can just use the paper tube and skip the whole glass part. Just remember - do/say what feels right for you. There is no wrong way. What’s important is your intentions and the energy you bring to it.



I know about feeling clunky. Its odd to be holding papers and trying to cast a spell and not burn the apartment down. I hope I’ll get better at it as I go along too! That’s what this forum is for.


Lovely jar and what a lovely story! I’m glad your jar came through for you!


I had a gorgeous Orange and Mint Attraction bath on Tuesday night (8th) so hopefully this counts as part of the challenge!

I’d seen it in a few places online and sharing is caring so here’s my bath!

Shower first to ensure you’re completely clean and ready for the ritual.
Run a warm bath and light your candle. :bathtub: :candle:
Add 5 whole oranges (with the peels) and a handful of mint leaves to the bath.:tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine::leaves: :leaves: :leaves:
I also added a splash of Full Moon Water https://spells8.com/moon-water/ (waning moon paranoia :sweat_smile:) :full_moon:

Climb in, lay back and relax. Try to completely submerge your body with the water.
Whilst thinking of your intention, calmly peel each of the oranges, allowing the peels to fall into the water and swirl around you. Appreciate the attractive scent filling the air and the feel of the fruit in your hands. Squeeze the juice from the fruit into the water and use the larger juiced pieces as a sponge to exfoliate your skin.
You may eat some of the fruit to feel the power within you.
When you have finished peeling the oranges, take the mint leaves and swirl them around the water, you can also taste them/ rub them on your skin.

The bath at this point will look gorgeous - floating orange peels and mint leaves by soft candlelight? Glorious. Looks like a sexy spa advert.

When you feel ready to leave your bath, gently step out and allow your body to air dry.
If you need to rinse off, do so with plain water.
I chose to take my candle (still lit) back to the altar and let it burn out on its own.
I scooped the remains out from the bath and popped them in the compost bin with a ‘thank you’.

Not gonna lie, Wednesday I felt ATTRACTIVE. :joy:
Hopefully I’m attracting my intentions in abundance!
I’ll be doing this one again!
Much love xx


This is just so beautiful @SilverBear :heart:
Thank you so much for sharing!


Lovelovelove all of the amazing advice and encouragement everyone has given for this - was literally having the same dilemma the other day- I’m all about attraction spells and the waning moon just put me right off :joy: nice to know its just a boost rather than controlling my fate!
My solution was to bring out the Moon Water - knew I’d made it for something! :see_no_evil:
Just sprinkling it about everywhere like confetti. Full moon. You are FULL. :joy:


@kira-marie Same! :nerd_face: :grin: :wink:


What a lovely sounding bath, I bet it smelled good. Sounds great!


Well done @kira-marie, I’m proud of you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know it can be intimidating at first- there’s so much information out there, so many things to consider with spells! But the best piece of advice I’ve heard shared on this site is: “Remember the magick is in you”. @SilverBear summed this up so beautifully in her post How to Create Your Own Spells.

I’m so glad you find the challenges helpful, and keep sticking with it! You are doing amazing- take some take to look back and bask in how far you have already come! Sending love and light to you :hearts:

Woohoo- hooray, @silverBear! :confetti_ball: Congrats on the new client, and wow- that is one potent jar spell! Thanks so much for sharing the spell and instructions! :hearts:

It absolutely counts, and wow! Such a lovely bath ritual! :bathtub::orange_circle: Your candle is beautiful- is that Himalayan sea salt? So lovely :blush::candle: I absolutely love ritual baths and haven’t done this one before- bookmarking for the future! Thanks so much for sharing, @Limeberry :heart:


@Limeberry what a great ritual bath! Thank you for sharing
Blessed be.


@kira-marie great job! I feel the same way too! But with every spell you get stronger and more confident. And always remember, like you told me. It’s all about the magic within you and your intention, that makes the spell work.
Blessed Be


That sounds AMAZING :slight_smile: trying this weekend :grin::grin::grin::+1:t2:


Yes nice use of moon water :last_quarter_moon_with_face::revolving_hearts:


It’s actually from Krakow too! Made with salt from Wieliczka :joy:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wieliczka_Salt_Mine

I’ve noticed you’re in Warszawa! If you get the chance to visit Krakow/Wieliczka omg do! (If you haven’t already) The energy is incredible.


Ok I prayed for the healing of Mama Earth :earth_americas::heartpulse: I lit a green candle :candle: and I carved the Earth, healing sigils, hearts :sparkling_heart::gift_heart: and prayers hands :pray: . I asked for healing and understanding of the beings who destroy her life :pensive: I asked for continuous blessings of abundant food :avocado::leafy_green::hot_pepper::tomato::poultry_leg::garlic::mushroom::fish: for nutritional needs. I prayed more but it’s a little personal. I then meditated :woman_in_lotus_position: for a while. And visualized :eyes: my prayer coming to fruition (:apple::tangerine::banana::coconut::cherries:, I had to!) I gave thanks for Mama Earth’s ever lasting love :sparkling_heart: and eternal life.


This is so beautiful :heart:


Thank you @Limeberry :sparkling_heart:


I have found that if I make a booklet which you can usually find templates for in most document programs, you can copy what you need and print it out. Then you can fold the page into quarters, and put it together with or without a cover. It’s a lot easier to handle. I’ve done this with weddings I’ve performed and made a souvenir copy for the couple. I’ve done it for public sabbats, and I’ve done it for a prayer book that I would take with me when I went into hospitals to check on sick pagans. (That was before we moved back to my hometown :slightly_frowning_face: I miss it.)