Protection from a toxic person in your home

Oh! Btw I’m Siofra from Cape Cod! I’m excited to meet you & I hope that it gets a bit easier for you & your daughter. Hopefully the move will come at the right time & be beneficial for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out with anything else! Have a great day! :heart:



It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you :pray:t3: so very much for the links. I’m checking them out right now.

Btw, I’m Sarah! I live in Dallas, TX. :upside_down_face:


Oh! I used to live in TX. Once in Dallas but I was 4 or 5, then I lived in Austin after I graduated high school. I would go back if I could though.

I hope the links help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Found a site with a ‘shield of valor’ spell

It sounds promising


Thank you very much for sharing! I’m grateful it doesn’t require a plethora of different tools! Candles, girrrrrl, I’ve always got candles.


Merry meet @sarah29 :heart:

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! Sorry that you found your way here during a stressful time, but I hope you can find some spellwork and guidance to help you move forward from your tough situation :pray:

I think you are already doing the two best mundane things you can do in such a situation: talking opening and honestly with your daughter about it, and actively working to leave that negative space. I know it takes times, so I wish you all the best of luck with the moving process! :house_with_garden:

Siofra and Garnet shared some great spells. Adding to their suggestions, here are a few more you may find useful:

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Sarah! Stay strong and I hope the situation improves for you very soon.

Love and Light! :candle:


Welcome @sarah29 and I’m so sorry that you’re going through this! My mother lives with me and she sounds just like your mil. And I have a 7 year old daughter. What I do is meditate a lot, pray to a protective diety, then I would probably suggest what @BryWisteria said bc that sounds promising, what @Susurrus says is an awesome idea and what @Garnet says is neat, too.
Anyway, I’m here for you!!! We’re a family here, so keep reaching out and maybe @praecog29 could place you on the Energy Exchange Circle - 2021 Wiki
Blessed be :pray::two_hearts:


@BryWisteria Thank you for your encouraging words and for these spells! I meant to ask if there was something I could do to help The Universe bring us a new home and you completely covered that and so much more.

I greatly look forward to using these and for getting to know you more!


Very happy to meet you, @christina4 !!
I’m sorry to hear you have a similar unfortunate situation in your life. Solidarity, my friend. We will come through this stronger! Also, I’d looove to join the exchange circle! All the love and light is definitely needed right now.


I’m also a crystal healer. I make healing crystal Grids almost daily. I could make one for you, sending healing energy your way. And I have a Distance healing box 🎁 that I could add your name to.


Really?? That is so thoughtful, @christina4
I’d be honored and very grateful. Wow! Thank you!


Absolutely!!! I’ll do it right now. :relaxed:


Wow. I’m blown away. Y’all are so loving and supportive.

Just wow. Thank you.


I used rosrose quartz for self love, unconditional love as the center stone, pink opal for compassion, and black obsidian for grounding and protection. And it’s under a copper pyramid for amplification. Also, your be is in the box ok lovely!!!


And selenite underneath the grid to always keep it charged!!


@christina4 i don’t even have words. It means so much to me that you would give of your time, energy, intention and tools for ME! I can’t even tell you how much I needed this. THANK YOU!

I’d never heard that about the copper for magnification before. That’s interesting!


Where did you get your grid? Love it.


I was going to post a dragon protection spell that I found online, but the author warns to only invoke dragons in a protection spell as a last resort because of its power. I’ve learned that dragons are very protective of those who work with them and do not take too kindly to anyone who has hurt or is hurting them. There could be unforeseen and unintended results. :grimacing:

Instead, here is another protection spell I found on Pinterest called The Five Pebbles. You can cast it if you live near any streams or creeks.


Welcome to the Coven :infinite_roots: I missed this when you first posted it but I can see that you have had some awesome advice, help and links from @Susurrus @christina4 @Garnet and @Kasandra :heart:

I’m so sorry you are in this situation, and hopefully you won’t be for too long :heart:

I’m Liisa and eclectic Witch and Norse pagan from Scotland :grin: if you need anything at all just ask :heart:


Thank you! I

I didn’t know one could work with dragons!! :flushed: