Activate Talisman

I bought an Athame of the Earth Talisman, purified it with water and salt, called the Element of Earth to bless it, and charged it to become a shield of protection from every storm
I charged it over fire, smoke, water and incense
should i have done something else?


I think if what you did fits in with your normal type of spellwork then it’s perfectly fine!


Hello @Airam!

You’ve purified your athame, blessed it with the element of Earth, and enchanted it with your intention of protection. You then charged it up- all in all, it sounds to me like your new tool is ready to be used in spellwork! :dagger: :sparkles::blush:

I agree with Megan that different witches have different procedures when it comes to things like consecration, activating, charging, and enchanting magickal tools. So long as you feel that your intention was manifested properly, I’d say it was successful and that you can go ahead and begin using it!

Congrats on your spellwork and I hope that your lovely new athame serves you well :pray::earth_element:

Blessed be!


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