Activities for Solstice/Great Conjunction?

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well! Life has been craaaaaazy; hoping tonight’s transition may lighten things up…

With that being said, does anyone have any plans/ideas for things to do tonight? I’ve seen people suggest making a vision board/visualization of your goals (short or long term) and journaling, of course.

I plan on journaling & doodling/sketching my goals, definitely. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a spell, ritual or meditation I could do tonight!


Here in the Great Lakes in winter; we have the typical thick cloud overcast. So we’re going to miss the Great Conjunction and the accompanying Ursid meteor shower.


You may want to check out these threads and pages :christmas_tree:


I’m not sure how I missed those when I was looking earlier, so thank you! I’ve got some time to reflect on some goals, burn a yule candle & meditate before bed.

Unfortunately I too am near the great lakes (Ohio) and the sky is full of clouds tonight. The moon peeks out every so often, but I wont be laying eyes on the conjunction sadly :frowning:


I will be Journaling tonight. It was too cloudy & overcast for us to see anything on Cape Cod. I hope you are able to get some time in working on your Journaling & sketches.


You could adapt this :full_moon: Cold Moon Spell (new) which includes a guided meditation and journaling page for this time of the year.

You can journal about the symbolisms associated to this Great Conjunction!

Aquarius represents hope and solidarity. It is most likely that at the collective level we are going through a phase of reconstruction marked by the symbolism of Aquarius :aquarius:

This conjunction will be about “rebuilding and reforming energies and visions on our humanitarian impulses, contributions to society, social life, technological development, causes, and friendships.”


For those who may have missed it due to heavy clouds… My dear friend sent me this from his neighbor’s telescope!

Great Conjunction Live


That’s a great photo! It was too cloud so I wasn’t able to see it yet but that live streaming was super useful!


Appreciate the live stream share. That was interesting and educational to watch.