Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction on December 21st, coincidentally on Yule. This isn’t any old Conjunction; this one is special. The appearance like this of these two planets hasn’t been seen for 800 years.
This makes Yule very special this year. What does this symbolism say to you? Jupiter is the son of Saturn. Jupiter is an Olympian God and Saturn is a Titan.
Both planets are gas giants with enormous gravitational fields. Perhaps this alignment could put undue stress on the earth’s tectonic plates.
Or, it could just appear as a very bright singular planet for a short time.
What are your thoughts?


Great topic! This has been called a “Great Conjunction” (Jupiter-Saturn) and this year it happens in Aquarius :aquarius: which signals a change of direction, acording to Astrotheme.

“Aquarius represents hope and solidarity. It is most likely that at the collective level we are going through a phase of reconstruction marked by the symbolism of Aquarius.”

And according to Cafe Astrology, this conjunction will be about “rebuilding and reforming energies and visions on our humanitarian impulses, contributions to society, social life, technological development, causes, and friendships.”


Makes me think of the song Age of Aquarius by the 5thDimension.


Wow, a full blue moon on Halloween/Samhain and a great conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn for Yule- what a year it is! :astonished:

Thanks for pointing this out and for the helpful information, @john4! :clap:


This year had had many firsts in a while! I’m excited to see what the energy brings! Thanks for the post @john4