Adventures of Garnet - 1

Adventures of Garnet in the land of the lost

There’s always something you’re looking for,

Something you must find.

And that’s ok, it really is, as long as it isn’t your mind.

Big or small, short or tall, there’s always missing.

Although… you never lose the lovely knack for kissing.

This morning I went in search of an elusive pink wallet.

I did check all the usual places, but still, I couldn’t find it.

Checked my office, and nope that would have been too easy.

Looked in the kitchen, just dirty dishes, nothing more.

Looked on top of the fridge, at least as far as I could reach

And Rich is now in trouble, I found a half-eaten peach

That man? Should wear a bell. And I’m going to get him one

As soon as he gets back from Bealls

Back to the bedroom, I did go

Under the bed, I looked, even under my pillow

Well, heck, another bust and

I’m not talking about the ones under my chin.

Kept on looking, it seemed like years.

Over the hill and over dale.

Ok. all over the house, until I found the one place

I hadn’t looked. I simply just looked down.

Sigh, I found it on the floor, by the door.

Exactly where I dropped it.

Go figure.




Adorable and quite the catchy tempo!


I had such a smile on my face while reading this- @Wysteria_Norn is right, it’s got such a fun tempo! It flows in the mind while reading. You could perform this at a poetry club, Garnet- I know you’d be a big hit! :heart::blush:

Thanks for the smile- and can I assume by the number 1 in the title that we’ll be in for more of these delightful treats in the future? (One can hope!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


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