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Hi all,

I appreciate your advice and insight! I would like to cast a sugar binding love spell for a current romantic-friendship situation, but I don’t know if I should use a red candle or a pink. I am looking to draw on the long-term romantic and lasting love aspects of the relationship, so my feeling is pink, but I would love to know your thoughts.

Thank you so much!


@piper3330 Hi Piper, I haven’t met you yet, but I am Jan, a green witch and I use a lot of candles in my practice with herbs and spells.

As far as colors go, red is probably the best, pink or white also, you can drape pink or white in a red ribbon or anoint the candle or sprinkle red roses around the spell area. But…… BUT…… it’s actually the intention behind what your spell is and the belief and how invested you are to the outcome that is more important than the color. Go with red if you have it I’d say or Pink, white are still perfect!! :heart::heartbeat::white_heart:


Greetings @piper3330,

First things first, I totally agree with what Jan said here:

You worded that beautifully, @jan_TheGreenWitch! :blush:

The intention is the central, driving force behind the spellwork- so long as your intention is clear and in control, the spell should move in the direction you intend. Other things- such as the color or any other ingredients- serve to further enhance the casting.

From Spells8: Red Candle Meaning
From Spells8: Pink Candle Meaning

If the bond you are casting for was purely friendship, I’d lean towards just the pink candle. However, for a romantic-friendship relationship, both pink and red are very viable choices. Not to mention that the color red isn’t exclusive to sexual energy- it is also the flagship color of the Fire Element and can help to increase interest and excitement in the bond :fire:

If you have both candles on hand, I’d say feel free to include both! :blush::candle:

Whatever you choose, good luck and blessed casting, Piper! :sparkles:


Thank you both @BryWisteria and @jan_TheGreenWitch so much for your advice! I really appreciate this and it has clarified so much for me. Other spells I have cast without candles, or with few to no ingredients and words and intention only, have manifested beautifully but I never stopped to consider that it was the strength and clarity of the intention more than the other things used to enhance it.

Thank you again!


I don’t have much to add. I tend to think of Red for romantic or lust spells and pink for self-love or friendship spells. I definitely agree with Bry and Jan that intention is probably 90% of the work. As long as you are clear on that, everything else just amplifies the intention.

Good luck with your casting!


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