Advice on candle work?

Hi all,

I have anointed a pillar candle to work the manifestation I have for my older daughter. She is currently away at uni. (special thanks to @MeganB who posted her Blue Moon spell from awhile ago, and I used that as my template) I would like to get in the habit of working with it on a regular basis. Any suggestions for correspondences? When the moon is in her sign? A specific day of the week? Just when I feel like it?
Any and all ideas welcome -thank-you in advance! :snowflake:


I personally find that whenever I feel like it is best for me, even if I’m working on behalf of someone else, as that’s kind of a sign that something is calling me to this activity. But, there are so many options for how to approach this.

If you find comfort in some structure, then you can also follow specific relevant days of the week, the moon, etc. For example, 7 Magickal Days of the Week: Best Magic Spells for the Day – Spells8 and Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase – Spells8 cover general timings.

Or you can, as you mentioned, get more personal with it with the moon in your eldest’s sign, and so on. But if you have trouble keeping to this structure, there’s nothing wrong with following your intuition instead!


First, I’m glad you found my spell helpful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That means a lot to me!

Second, to answer your question, I would choose things that correspond with your intention. For example, if your spell involves prosperity, you might choose to light the candle on Thursdays because Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. If the spell is for health, you might choose to light the candle during the hour of Neptune on a Monday, as Neptune corresponds with health and the Moon corresponds with Monday.

You could also just choose a day that feels right and do it then! It doesn’t have to be super complicated :blush:


Thank-you @MeganB and @starborn for your feedback -I may be overcomplicating things! (kind of what I am known for lol) I am going to use both of your ideas and rely on intuition to guide my correspondences :snowflake:


I hope your intuition guides you strongly! :pray: :sparkles: :hugs:


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