Advice on where to begin

Hi there, so tonight is my first time on here and I’m really new on my journey and I feel sort of all over the place and don’t really know how to begin. I’ve set up my altar and I have been doing a lot of reading but I’m looking for more of a daily way to start practicing. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, I feel like with everything currently going on in the world, I’m having a hard time focusing without some daily guidance. I did buy a book that is a 366 daily ritual practice but because the stores are closed I’m having a hard time finding certain herbs and items I need. Maybe there is another way for me to start. Any advice would be appreciated


Hi :blush:
How about meditation? I usually do a short little ritual every day where I just light some candles and incense on my altar and say my thanks. As an example, I like to say the following:

Great spirits I give thanks to thee
For all the beauty that I see
That I am safe and I am free
And for my magic, blessed be.

After that I work on my meditation practice if time allows :slight_smile: :hibiscus:


I like to follow the daily and lunar rituals on here and also the lessons. If I havent got the correct scents or herbs etc I try and adapt it slightly or put it to one side until I have the correct ingredients. :grinning:

Like @christine4 I try and do a daily meditation. I also read tarot so I practice with them everyday, even if I just give them a quick shuffle and ask a question before bed each night.

Write in your book of shadows everyday, even if it’s just a sentence or two or a note on a crystal or herb you want to purchase in the future.

I much prefer to go to my local shop to by things, especially crystals as I like to get a feel for them, but if I can’t or what I want isn’t available I use the psychic tree website. They are very reliable :blush:

Good luck on your journey :bouquet:


Adding to what Christine and Abs said:

Start out with simple rituals: Take some time to stand before the sun as it rises in the morning. :sunny: Feel its energy! In the evening when the moon appears, do the same thing :crescent_moon:

You can find ideas in the Daily Correspondences Page and the Lunar Spell Page.

Your first spells don’t have to be complicated. I’ve written some easy spells which are perfect for beginners, such as a Peace of Mind Spell, Stop Procrastination Spell, and Self-Confidence Spell. These require little to no ingredients!

Take some time in a quiet room and light a candle and perhaps light some incense, whichever you have. Gaze through the flames of the candle and meditate on what you’ve learned from what you’ve read and what you’ve learned from the simple rituals you’ve performed.

Follow the Online Lessons outlined here and use the Forum to discuss any topics you’re interested in.

Many blessings! :pray:


Thanks for the advice :blush: I will check everything out and try different things to see which ones I connect with.