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Hey, Ive had a drunk driver that drove directly into me and my ankle got fractured. It happend at the end of March. He stole my credit card afterwards, forgot his backpack at my place and did get in touch 2 days later because he said hed pay for the damages. I told him right away that that was obviously expected but that I didn’t want any contact with him otherwise. We agreed on an amount that he is able to easily pay as he works as an actor in russia. His girlfriend threatend me afterwards that he reported the backpack as stolen and I needed to give it back immediately. Hes not in the same country as me anymore but I still dont feel right that he should get away with it.
What would your advice be, I am not able to afford a lawyer for this, and I wasnt able to walk for over 4 months.
Your advice is appreciated.

  • I only realised after creating this topic that i cant answer the posts at the moment. Thanks for all of your advice though. -

Warm greetings @sarah_poe,

I am so sorry that this happened to you- it sounds like an all-around nightmare that you did nothing to deserve. I completely understand you desire to find peace and justice with the situation.

Getting a lawyer and going to court can be a huge endeavor within the laws and justice system of one country- when things go international, I’m really sorry to say it, but as someone who constantly deals with international paperwork, even basic things can become borderline impossible- and that’s just for standard immigration situations, I imagine legal cases are on a whole other level :worried:

While I usually suggest mundane ways to handle situations when possible, it looks like, from what I can see at least, that magick might be your best bet to find justice in this case.

Some witches might suggest hexes to get back at him, but as that goes against my personal witchy ethics (and it may not go against your witchy ethics, which is fine- do what works best for you and your beliefs!), I would suggest calling on karma to give him what he is due.

While performing a hex makes the caster the executor of punishment and (in my beliefs) puts them at the forefront for any potential retribution or judgement of their own, calling on a higher power to weigh the scales and enact judgement is what I consider to be the same as calling the authorities when you witness a crime- not only is it the safer option that protects oneself, it also gets the case to the attention of those who know more than you do and have the power to bring the most fitting justice.

A higher power, like a deity or the Universe, will likely see and be aware of much more than we are- they will be able to enact the most fitting and most encompassing retribution for this (and any additional) crimes this person committed :balance_scale:

Here are a few justice spells you might consider:

Hecate’s Devotional for Justice

A note that Hecate is a Dark Goddess of justice and She has a very special night coming up this week. Wednesday, November 16th is known as the Night of Hekate and would be a particularly good time to work with Her :old_key:

Return to Sender: Easy Karmic Justice Spell

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you can find both peace and justice. Wishing you all the best, @sarah_poe!

Blessed be :sparkles:


That sounds really terrible, Sarah :people_hugging: I’m sorry that you’ve experienced that!

I agree with everything that @BryWisteria has said – legal systems are hard to navigate on a good day. Adding in an international element can make it almost impossible. I think Bry has given you some great links and ideas to start out with!

I also wonder, and I’m not sure of the laws or how the system works in your area, if you could also file a police report. I don’t think anything would happen because of it but just knowing that it’s on record might be helpful!


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