Air Quality spells!

This air quality is kicking my butt (cough cough!) and I wasn’t even outside very long! Thinking about doing some kind of clean air spell. Ideas? Invoking the element of air? A purification spell? Or something to calm down those Canadian wildfires? Is that thinking too big?


I’ve heard from family in New England that some places are brutal right now with the smog coming down from Canada- it’s an all-around awful situation :worried:

You could definitely invoke the element of air! Here’s an invocation if you’re looking for one:

On the flip side, you might also seek to decrease the element of fire (as the smoke is coming from forest fires). I’m sure there are many ways one could go about it- the first that comes to my mind is that (with the idea that everything is connected and seeks natural balance) that decreasing fire could be done by invoking water :water_element:

Another, smaller-scale idea would be to bring out one of your old pandemic face masks and enchant it. Allow only fresh, clean air to pass through the fabric, helping you to stay safe and breathe easier :mask:

Keeping you and everyone else in areas with poor air quality in my thoughts- stay safe, @mary25! I’m praying that the situation improves asap :pray: :heart:

Blessed be!


I don’t have much else to add that @BryWisteria hasn’t already said. Growing up in California, I know how devastating the fires can be to both those close to the fire and those impacted by the smoke.

I don’t think you’re thinking “too big” - I think you’re thinking with your big heart and wanting to do what you can to help anyone impacted by the fires.

I’m not sure about a clean air spell, but here are a few ideas for other things that could be helpful!

You could adapt this one that I wrote two years ago. Instead of using an image of a house, find a map of the current wildfires and use that as the representation. This could help prevent the spread of the fires themselves and give those fighting the fires a better chance of controlling them.

Take something that represents your home. This could be an image, a drawing, anything that connects you to hour home. It could even be a piece of paper with a line-drawing of a house on it labeled “My House”.

Draw a circle around it with a blue pen or marker. Then get the outside of that circle wet. Not dripping wet, but a little damp will do. As you do so, visualize the area around your home as wet and impervious to fire. By creating a representation of what we want to happen and putting our energy behind it, we can affect change in the world sympathetically.

Protection from fire 🔥 - #7 by MeganB

You could also help with protection spells for those fighting the fires. I’m sure they could use it!

If I think of anything else, I’ll pop it in here!


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