Altar crystals

So I need help in which crystals I should put on my alter. Just for in general protection


Moonstone and amethyst are two that I regularly keep on my altar. Black tourmaline has also been said to be good. Though to be honest, I change out the crystals depending on what I am doing. Also, when you use crystals with multiple uses, be sure to energize them with your intent.

We have several people here who know way more about crystals than me. One of them will no doubt be along shortly. :grin:


Greetings @tasha89,

Your altar is coming along beautifully! :sparkles:

Undomeher gave some great suggestions about using crystals on an altar, and I certainly don’t consider myself to be a crystal expert either- I imagine you’ll get some additional great advice from those who specialize in crystal work! :gem:

If I can put in my two cents as a very casual crystal user, I have a few I really like that I enjoy keeping around, using in spells, and putting on display. My current favorites are:

  • Amber
  • Carnelian
  • Fire & Ice Quartz (a crackled version of Clear Quartz)
  • Labradorite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Obsidian
  • Rainbow Quartz

That being said, these are just the crystals I’ve grown attached to- I think every witch makes their own bonds and has their own favorite crystals depending on their needs and preferences.

I would offer the suggestion that you explore around and find whatever crystals you feel drawn to use- those will the best ones to welcome into your sacred space! :sparkles:

Good luck with finding your future crystals- love and light :candle:


I’m not much of a crystal user so I don’t have anything to add besides your altar is coming along nicely! :heart: I hope you find the crystals hat help you.


Thank you!:kissing_heart:


Your altar looks very nice so far. I would look into general protection crystal (amethyst, black tourmaline, labradorite, obsidian, citrine, etc) and see which ones resonate with you. I am especially drawn to amethyst (always keep a charged one with my tarot cards) and obsidian (wear an obsidian point nearly daily).


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