Altars in Apartments

The Travel witch,

I enjoyed watching these videos especially the one that had the idea about the Chester Juror. I want to go to my high priestess, my intuition, strength, chariot and the fool. I just got rid of an old jewelry box with jurors! Although, I I have a really big nice jewelry box :bento: in my room! That could work!
I just used it for my book of shadow details. Too bad but at least now I have an idea of what to do! I want to be neat and intentional and it’s in the workings!
I have an area for my alter it’s in the garage away from people for spell work!
I don’t have that much space now. I know how to utilize the space! Although, I am a happy camper even if it’s not that big! I want to label all my herbs too. I can’t wait to get a good alter cloth! I want to go with green to inspire me with my garden! Thanks so much!
Blessed be!