Altars in Apartments

Hello lovelies

I was wondering if any of you live in a small apartment like myself? I live in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne so I’m very limited for space and I was just curious if anyone else has this issue and how they worked around it.

Id love to see your altars if your happy to share as i’d love some inspiration. I was thinking of maybe having a mobile altar that I can wheel around? I’m not sure at this point lol , At the moment I just have my altar on a tray on top of an ottoman so I can pick it up and move it but its all still contained together. I definitely struggle for space to fit everything on it that I would like ideally.


I have a small chest of drawers (kind of like an end table) I use the first drawer for my BOS, lighter, athme, and wand. It has 5 drawers and it is on wheels. The other drawers hold my incense, candles, altar cloths, and other supplies. This is a permanent altar, but you could organize a small chest of drawers to meet your needs. Also, you can use a drawer, tabletop, kitchen cabinet, or dresser as well. There is a whole thread on altars where people have posted pictures. Some large and ornate, some very small and discrete. You might want to look at these.


We have a section on here, called Altars where everyone showed theirs, I think maybe a shelf on the wall is good, @wendy4 has a good idea, there are sooo many ways to get creative even in small spaces, an altar can go on a window ledge and who says you only need one altar?? They can be all over the place, bookcases, end tables, etc.


Good morning, I don’t live in an apartment, but I am limited for space. I mainly use the top of my dresser, or I can use the top of my nightstand. I rearranged my drawers so the items that aren’t out all the time can be put away when not in use. I keep the crystals and other offerings on it and a few essential items, but otherwise, the cloths, candles, oils, incense, salts, herbs, athame, and wand are all put away during the day. I did paint my space and stained some shelves that were made by my boys so I can move some things to hang or be placed on those, and I have two cases that are going to be hung up on the wall for my other crystals and items to placed in those so I can have my drawers back. I am in love with my space right now because the blue I used is so much better than the yucky green that was on the walls. I made my bedroom my sacred space in the house.


That’s funny bc I have a yucky green. I want to paint but I’m moving anyway and I have somebody doing that for me. But til then, I have to deal with it. I was going for a green and paint flowers all over but something happened that his tether not say. Anyway I never got to it. Now I’m stuck with a yucky green.


I had the yucky green for 18 years, it was time to change it. As we were painting my space, my daughter was like, Hey, Mom, why is every room in the house a different shade of blue? At first I didn’t know what to say, but then I said, it’s my favorite color and I am very drawn to the different shades. She said that she wants to keep her room not blue then. Lol


I live in a small apartment, and I have a bookshelf that I kept one level clear to put things for an elemental altar on, as well as my athame and wand. The other stuff I put in a big tote that I use for a table. When I want something more than just a little space I use the top of my freezer and put it up and take it down.

I also have the front of my computer, which I have a small Goddess figure, some crystals and a few other things.

Hope that helps! :grinning:


Like Wendy said, you should take advantage of drawers and cabinets as much as you can!

You don’t have to keep an altar set up all the time, and it’s better to keep your tools clean and stored away most of the time. Even when you do set up one it’s with just with the items needed for the spellwork at hand, so most of what you have will usually be stored.


Everyone has such creative ideas for altars- I hope you were able to get some inspiration, @wendy4! :blush: There are some great altar pics that also might help inspire you in this topic:

And you may be interested in making a small Travel Altar that is easy to move around or take with you. It’s great for when you’re living in a spot without much space- like an apartment! :city_sunrise:

Best of luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


i dont have a photo of mine but i shall have to take one and share with the group. i’ve just ordered 2 boxes from witchin so that will be good. i’m still collecting items to add to mine


I live in a very small house and have 0 space, I use the top of my electric fireplace for candles and incense and the small stuff is hidden all around my room so my BF (how does not share my room) does not find it. I also have a box that fits under my bed. I picked up a small wooden cutting board that will serve as my alter and will go into the box.


Your altar doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s heat you make it. No mater how big or small it is.

We have several altars. We have a whole room dedicated for rituals and Apothecary.

We each have our own personal altars. I have a big personal altar, but the girls use small wooden trays they picked up at world market. We also have altars around the house for last loved ones so we can celebrate them and have a constant reminder of them.

That’s one thing I have always told my students is that you don’t have to have this huge place and all this stuff to call it an altar. An altar is your own personal space for you.

I have some students that have taken an old sheet from a repurpose store and drawn on it. They use candles from a dollar store.

I have others that just want everything they can put their hands on.

I’ll post some pictures later if the girls altars. I have posted lots of pictures if our ritual room and my altar in several posts here.
Altars! Love to see yours!

Some pictures before our healing ritual


thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

i can admit i have perfectionist tendencies, i guess i got to be more gentle with myself lol.


My altar has changed so much and I don’t use everything for everything that I do, there are a couple of things that use each time, but I tailor it to who I am working with and the spell or ritual that I am doing. So far my nightstand or my dresser work fine and I should have the shelving up by the end of this week. I am the only one in the bedroom, so I have kind of taken it over as my sacred space. My husband does sleep in here and he loves what I have done with it to make it comfortable for myself when I have to stay in here all day due to my medical things. He loves the smells too.


Hi @daniel4 I can’t find the post of yours about the covellite, but I found a website that claims that they have it:

I looked up the stone and it said that they have it in stock. I was thinking maybe you could contact them and possibly order some from them if it was real. I like their shop and have ordered a couple of things from them.


Thank you. They are actually not too far from me. I left a message with them to call me back. I think they used to have a full store but suddenly shut down.


I hope you found some good ideas for an altar that will suit you and your space, @kira-marie! :two_hearts: It can be tough in an apartment, but maybe try a few designs and see what works best for you. Or keep the pieces in a special space and set it up whenever you have time to practice :candle:

I think @daniel4 put it perfectly here:

Best of luck to everyone making or working on their altars! :pray::two_hearts:


I absolutely love your ritual table!


Altars can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be! Doesn’t matter the size :slight_smile:


These are some very creative apartment altar ideas- I love seeing the decorations, and how creatively everyone displays them! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing, @Missa! :two_hearts: