Some pictures before our healing ritual

We are about to do a pet protection and healing ritual, afterwards we will have tea.

All incense and tea was ground and prepared by us.

And the girls made me move around and took 500 pictures even though I hate to be photographed, but I promised I’d post one.


Your altar looks amazing! And you’re in good company for the ritual I see!

Lots of Good Luck and Blessings for tomorrow!! :raised_hands: :dog:

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Great looking bunch! Your altar is beautiful, I’ll be keeping your whole family in my thoughts tomorrow! Two and four legged members! Blessed be. :black_heart:

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I hope the ritual went well! The setup certainly looks gorgeous :candle::two_hearts: Sending good thoughts to Bella! :dog:

That is amazing! I love your altar and placements. I hope the ritual went well and the incense smelled amazing. It looks like you have a good group together for the ritual too.

I hope you have a great day, I do love that altar! Great job!

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Your whole room is a m a z i n g!!!
Waaaaaa :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Give a huge scratch behind the ear to Bella from me please :dog:

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daniel4, you look so much like my late husband! I hope you are as loving!

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