Sage and Candles in Apartments

Aloha everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay and having a good week🤗 I have some questions and I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me. I live in a small apartment complex. Im not allowed to have any candles in the building. I don’t want to get my family in trouble for it but candle magic is very important to me. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there something im able to do or change? Another issue have is with sage. My husband really wants to clear our house but im scared that it will set off the alarm. Does sage set off fire alarms? Is there something I can do to prevent that from happening? Mahalo for helping me, Blessed be❤️


Hi Ashlynn! Great question!

Today, more and more churches and temples are introducing features like electric candles, complete with flickering flames. Electric votive candles have long been in use in military chaplaincies.

You can find them on Amazon :candle:

For burning incense, it really depends on your smoke alarm detector. You’d have to test it. Some of them, if you don’t burn too much under or next to smoke detectors you should be fine. Be sure to open a window!

Another option is sage spray for cleansing spaces! Can't Burn Sage? Try This!

Remember that the Magic is not in the ingredients or the tools but in the Witch! :woman_mage: Every ingredient has a substitute as long as your intentions are clear and in line with your will.

For more ideas, read this post too! Altars in Apartments


I’m currently listening to WOKE NATION on YouTube. They have music to clear the negative energy from your home and it’s very nice. Good to meditate with, or just to have on while doing chores. This is the one I’m listening to now. I do that rather than sage the apartment.

I also asked my building manager if incense would set the fire alarms off, and they said no. So I use that around my desk away from the smoke detector.

So ask your building manager for that one. But I hope the music helps you and your husband!


Oh thank you! I was worried that false candles wouldn’t do the job, but you’re right the magic is in me. This has helped a lot! Mahalo! :heart:


I sage my house once every 2 weeks and have never had a problem with my fire alarms going off. I also am pretty conscientious when I am doing candle magic because I have been in a house fire before, but have never had any problems with that either.