Alter items needed!

hi, I’m on a very tight budget and limited funds but need to put an alter together, it’s my first one and I don’t really have a method of paying online, can anyone contribute cheap or unwanted stuff I can use?


Being pretty newish myself I don’t have any unwanted bits yet, but great news - some of the most beautiful altar items are natural/handmade! You probably have some of the stuff below already!
If you think of representing the elements:

  • Earth could be a plant, flowers, crystals, herbs, stones, salt, or even soil/dirt!
  • Air could be incense, a bell/drum/other instrument, or feathers you find outside!
  • Water is often a bowl/chalice of water - I just have a shell of water!
  • Fire tends to be a candle :sweat_smile:

I hope this helps a bit :heart:


I use things that I find mostly. My altar cloth is a deep plum hand towel, shells from the beaches, shot glasses for candle holders, when I was really new I used birthday candles that I found in a drawer in my kitchen… when I did start purchasing things I found things that were on sale or clearance or I had some kind of discount code or gift card to a site or store. A friend of mine got her jars at the dollar store for her herbs and when I first started I used plastic sandwich or snack bags.

I hope some of this helps you find things that you already have to use for now.


Chiming in with more low budget suggestions!

You don’t have to have any tools. They can be helpful but they’re not necessary. Your athame could be a letter opener or kitchen knife that you dedicate for a different use. Your wand could be a branch, a paintbrush, a kitchen spoon, I use an old drumstick because I play drums. Your book of shadows (or book of mirrors) can be an old college notebook, and so on…

It’s not the tools, it’s the Witch! :woman_mage:


Yay for kitchen knife athame/bolline/just generally using a kitchen knife for everything! :joy:

I think I found a wand today! I’ve been plodding along wandless all this time but today I found a branch by my Grandmother’s grave and something told me to take it home for sprucing up! (I said a general thank you to the surrounding trees as I wasn’t sure which one it had come from.) But how exciting :star_struck: I love that you use a drumstick @Francisco :joy:


Hello @tracie2!

Others have shared some great advice about ways to cut costs and practice on a budget. Adding to that, there was the Thrifty Witch Challenge a while back- it has some very cheap/free spells and ideas. If you read the submissions in the comments, there are some wonderful ways to practice without spending any money at all! :money_with_wings::grin:

Good luck and blessed be!


A friend from England says she uses birthday candle for her spells. They come in all colors…To be fair I found out that their birthday candles are a little beefier than the American version but I still think it is a grand idea. If you don’t have a holder find a deep metal cap and put some wet sand in it and poke the candle down into the sand.