Alternative Medicine and Modern Science

I was posting this as a reply to another thread, but I realized I was going off topic and my reply needed to be expanded and used as the start of its own thread. I actually want challenged to think with a more open mind, if any here feel I am not. This is a discussion, not me dying on a hill.

There is still much modern, Western science can learn from other cultural practices. In my non-medical opinion, alternative therapies can always be explored while working with health professionals. I would inform my medical professionals of what I am trying to be sure it won’t react negatively with proven medicine, though.

I run the Energy Exchange Circle. If I thought magic was useless, I wouldn’t do that. :thinking: I perform candle magic and have crystals. :candle: I do tarot. :flower_playing_cards: Science would say all of it is bologna. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But faith brings peace to billions and (even if we only see what we want to see) I will take that peace over fear of the unknown any day.

My concern is we’ve had an influx of supplements and unproven therapies being promoted recently and I want people to be safe while also seeking advice from this family. :hugs:

I want money jars to work for you. I want you to have better health and the doctors to perform successful surgeries so you don’t have to go through pain or repeated procedures. I want your pets to get better and for you to have the resources you need to take care of them. I want you to have love and to be loved. I want you to have better relationships with your spouses, significant others, family and friends.

As eclectic witches, we each try to find our own paths to these things. Please also take scientifically proven routes while exploring the magic found in the universe. Please keep looking for that one job that suits you. Please continue that education. Please work at those relationships or move on from the ones that no longer serve your highest good. Be safe and wise while also exploring the power that runs through you.


I let my providers know if I am going to try something different & I have had my providers recommend alternative therapies for me & I have tried them. Some I still use, some I do not. I think we all want the same things but everyone’s approach to those things is their own. It may not be something I would do, but if you feel it will work for you then I want it to work for you. I wish nothing but the best for everyone.


Thank you, Krissie. :pray:t4: I agree we all need to try what we feel is best. I can’t imagine this is a topic that is easy to discuss. I appreciate you helping further this dialog.

Coming from an extreme form of Christianity, I am sensitive to the concept of alternative medicine because I have seen people try to use things like essential oils and supplements exclusively. I have seen people, including myself at one time, say vaccines are unproven, satanic forms of control. I have seen people deny their families healthcare because they believed prayer and the laying on of hands would solve any issue.

I get it. I am in a coven. I am on a site that teaches magic. I, myself, practice magic. But the influx of conversations about things like supplements, essential oils, and marijuana are triggers to me, because I have seen scary things happen to people I loved when they ignored modern science. Sometimes faith/prayer/magic doesn’t bring us the outcome we might want. Maybe modern science doesn’t either.

The point of this thread is to explain my heart - I love you, my family in this coven. I will learn from each of you. I will embrace whatever My Goddess brings my way. Sometimes I get scared by certain conversations and rather than repeat myself a thousand times, I thought it would be best to share it here.


I think this is a great and important topic to discuss- thanks for bringing it up, @praecog29! :blush:

I wrote a bit more about this in one of the other threads (Dental Health Spell), but I also agree there are huge benefits when one branch of medicine/science learns from another branch- such as when Western science adapts theories from Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM. Sticking exclusively to one school of thought seems like closing the door to many possible new cross-cultural advancements in technology and medicine.

I think you summed this up perfectly, Benjamin :relaxed: Magick comes in many forms. Like scientific studies, keeping an open mind when it comes to magick opens so many exciting new paths to take! There are even those that draw magick from science and technology, such as Technomanchers.

This is one goal of the Weekly Witchy Challenges- encouraging witches and practitioners of all types and talents to further broaden their minds and experiment with new aspects of magick :sparkles:

I’m sure most of you already know I’m a big supporter of life-long learning :books: I consider my own personal life path and goal to be exploring how my magickal beliefs can combine with science and medicine to make a happy and wholesome lifestyle! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We know that I have some chronic issues & I can’t imagine navigating them & not following my providers guidelines, she is really good & embraces alternative medicines. She knows that I will try just about anything to help me be comfortable & we both stick with what works. She also knows that I am trying to not use pain killers on a regular basis, so we explore other types of medicine that use natural remedies for pain. I have found some great ways to manage my pain without using the pain medicine as a first line of defense. I use magic & I have found more with that to help with my anxiety & panic than I have with other methods, but that doesn’t meant that it always is the way I go. I have other options & have no problem exploring them.

I guess what I am trying to say is that in this thing called life, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be open to other methods and ideas to help you along. I use magic as an extra boost! But not as my first line.


I think this is a really good topic to discuss and I’ve even gotten comments on YouTube that are actually fueling a video idea of mine around this subject.

In my personal experience, some doctors will shrug off the more alternative methods of treatment in favor of medicine and modern drugs. Sometimes that is for sure the answer. Seeing people try to cure their cancer with essential oils and ignoring chemotherapy or other modern treatments just because they’re modern is really sad for me. I have had doctors just stop and look at me funny because I told them that I have current mental health disorders that I’m not currently treating with SSRIs and have instead chosen an alternative form of treatment. That isn’t to say that I don’t believe in SSRIs but I have found an alternative therapy that, when my issues are mild, it works and I don’t have to worry about not having a prescription if I lose my insurance (because that’s happened a few times).

I think when modern medicine and alternative therapies are used in conjunction with one another, that’s where real magic can happen. When the two come together in harmony and work together, there is the potential there for a better and more holistic approach to health. However, I definitely don’t want someone with cancer or schizophrenia to completely ignore modern medicine and the treatments they need to lead a productive life.

I think it definitely comes down to knowing yourself and what you can and can’t tolerate. If you know your triggers and patterns (speaking re: mental health right now) then you can realize when you need to be medicated versus when you don’t.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled :sweat_smile:


I love rambling… it happens to me all the time.

I didn’t mention my mental health, but I use alternative therapies for some of them, but I also use medications because I have a mental health issue that requires being medicated to some extent. However, my day to day, I will absolutely use meditation, going for a walk, breathing exercises… other methods other than popping a valium or 2. I like to have my wits about me. Or I just let it pass some days. It really depends on the day.

I feel like people are more open to alternative therapies when it comes to anxiety, but for my issues, I’m pretty good about being open to other suggestions for what I can do alleviate my symptoms on a day to day. It’s the days that it seems like NOTHING is working that I really have a hard time & I chalk it up to having an off day.


Megan, I can’t wait to see that video. :slight_smile:

Brianna, The Dental Health Spell was the one I was commenting on and I was agreeing with one of your points when I realized this was becoming it’s own topic. :wink:

I think we agree in one way or another. (By the way, thank you for adding more to the discussion. Krissie! You are an amazing friend and I am so thankful for your insight.) I love you guys!