Alternatives to burning items

I’ve got a question for all of you.
Due to not living on my own, open flame is something of a no go. I’d love to be able to work with proper candles instead of my little flameless tea lights. But I also do not want to have to explain why I set the curtains on fire or what I was doing that set off the smoke alarm.
There’s some rituals I’d love to do that require burning of items (slips of paper) and sealing spell jars with candle wax.
I was thinking tearing up the slips of paper and discarding them would be an appropriate substitute, but I’m a bit stuck on sealing jars.
Does anyone have a suggestion on either one of these?


The substitutions for fire and burning things would be dependent on the spell, I think. You’ve got a great idea, though, of destroying the paper in a different way. I think that would work great!

As for sealing jars with wax, you could always use hot glue, super glue, or skip that step. Sometimes sealing the jar with wax is just for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes it’s to keep the things contained in the jar. Either way, one of those would be a good substitute.


Use candles, but instead of blowing them out, which causes a lot of smoke, try a candle snuffer. or a jar candle with a lid. The lid when coving the candle immediately deprives the flame of oxygen and you won’t have any smoke excape.


To give an example of each, the one I was thinking of for burning slips of paper was a spell to break free from feeling stuck. On the slip, you write down the positive counterpart of one of the ‘rules’ that’s making you feel stuck and burn it.

The example for sealing a spell jar is a spell to combat imposter syndrome, it’s filled with slips of paper of affirmations to counter the things the imposter syndrome has told you, salt, dried chamomile, hibiscus, and rose, and it’s sealed with yellow candle wax. At the start you light the candle with the intention of building confidence and courage, and before you seal it you think about the paths to success and what they did or didn’t come from.

I hope that helps with clarification.


That does help, and I just had an amazing idea for sealing the jar spell that I’ll share with you :blush: If you have essential oils or herbs, this is perfect for that. My original idea is that you can choose an oil that corresponds with your purpose and put it in a diffuser. Let that act as your candle. Then when you need to seal the jar, hold the jar over the diffuser and let the mist envelop the jar. Then it is sealed with the essential oil rather than wax.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can do the same thing with a few drops of essential oil. Use the opening of the bottle of oil as lighting your candle. Then drip a few drops of the essential oil on the lid of the jar. It works just the same!

As for the first one and burning the paper, I think that’s a good substitute with ripping it up. In both cases you are destroying the paper, which I think is the sole purpose of burning it in the first place. Destroying it releases the energy out to do its work.


Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.
I have some essential oils, and a very improvised diffuser, so that should work.
So happy to have found all you lovely helpful folks.


You’re so welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad I could help – sometimes we just have to think a bit outside the box when it comes to what we have and what we can do. Substitutions and improvising are great things to do to make our practice our own!

I’m happy you’re here and glad that you asked this question :blush: It put my own improvising skills to the test and exercised my brain!


I did a spell on Tuesday to remove my fears and negative feelings (found on spells8) and i had to destroy the paper by tearing it and mixing the pieces in a bowl of soil. These were then buried in my back garden.


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