Am I seeing things?

So a little while ago I did some work with Thoth and Ra (egyptian dieties) and during my altered state of consciousness I noticed my wall moving and symbolism showing up with egyptian calligraphy and so on.

Anyway, on another occasion I noticed writing all over my textured wallpaper and images of little skeleton heads.

I thought it was another vision, but now, everytime I focus on the wall I see the same patterns.

Can you see what I see?

My textured wall

Look carefully. You should see weird text that makes no sense and even some kind of entities within. Its all over the walls.

I installed these wallpapers myself and posted about it. I never noticed these random patterns till after some rituals.

Do you see what I see or am I seeing things and showing signs of going insane haha. Its mostly all behind my altar.



I can definitely see some patterns in the center of the wall. I’m not familiar with Egyptian hieroglyphics, so I can’t say if I’m seeing any or what they would say though.


I am not, but when we are in an altered state, we see things that the normal eye doesn’t. Because it is the third eye we use in a altered state. At least that is my perspective :grin:


No, @Temujin_Calidius, you are not seeing things. If you are, then I am too!


Goodness, that is some wallpaper you have there, Tem! I personally am seeing less shapes/letters and more patches of colors- especially greens and blues.

The longer I stare at it the more things jump out at me, but I can’t seem to pick out anything that makes sense or seems to be a clear symbol. But I do agree with what Flowing said, you were probably able to see and connect with it much better while in an altered state! :eye:


I can see some symbols in it. I had to increase the view a little but then there they were! Could it be the adhesive pattern on the paper? Maybe when you did the work with Ra, He heated the glue with the candles to try to communicate? Very Interesting wallpaper :thinking:


I definitely see symbols and shapes. You’re not the only one!


It’s very possible to see patterns and shapes; sorry if I am telling you things you already know but there is a phenomenon called pareidolia. Here is a brief description (which I nicked off Google!)
Seeing familiar objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns is called pareidolia. It’s a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information. Everyone experiences it from time to time.‘
So if you have hieroglyphs in your mind and are in a heightened state of consciousness it’s nothing to worry about if you see things. Not that you sound worried! I just thought you might be interested in the scientific angle. The brain is a mysterious organ- we know so little about its power.
Have a blessed day :heart:


As a LMT I joke that the brain is a complex stupid organ. This is because it can be tricked very easily. This happens to be s survival mechanism.

When we meditate, chant, use positive words about ourselves or our current situations, we are tricking our brains to change its state. Unfortunately thinking negative thoughts does the same, but faster.


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