An American epidemic

  • An American epidemic: There have been at least 147 mass shooting incidents in 2021 in the US, according to data from The Gun Violence Archive. The Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a non-profit based out of Washington DC, is an independent research group not affiliated with any advocacy organization, according to its website. Since March 16, there have been at least 45 mass shootings across the nation, CNN has reported.
    Let us send energy for the families of those are lost to us and the recovering. Most of all, pray for peace.

I hope these shootings stop one day, i also know how scary it is because there was a shooter on campus at my school in 2020 and i thought i was going to lose my life, luckly the person ran off and no one got hurt.

but yeah, i hope all families effected by these happenings feel better one day, it’s not easy but i hope they find peace in these situations.

blessed be


Some of these statistics are all so scary :anguished: The more I look at everything going on in the World the more I ache for Humanity :heartpulse: There is a verse in the story of Ragnarok (Norse Apocalypse) and sometimes I wonder if it may be happening now? ( for clarification I do not believe Ragnarok is a physical apocalypse but a spiritual one caused by wars, hatred etc. The line goes " Brother will turn on Brother, until there is no man left who is true to another" The line uses male gender wording but think that’s for simplicity reason rather than excluding female energy (and it was written in very different times) I pray for Humanity everyday and for the future of my children :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Thanks for this topic. It’s very important. I took a look at that website and I saw one of the shootings was here in Oregon, while they were holding a vigil for another victim of a mass shooting. It’s getting out of hand.

I’m watching tonight’s presidential speech to congress hoping that he mentions the issue. It can’t go unnoticed.


There was a shooting in my town about two years ago where a young man killed his mother and sister. It’s the first time there was a shooting very very close to home and it shook up our community. But it seems like it’s been forgotten now.
There have been so many mass shootings in America lately almost nobody (including myself) is shocked when they hear about them anymore.
I want to believe that things will change for the better soon, but since nothing happened (that I know of) after Sandy Hook, I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.:confused:

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How awful, I am so sorry.

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