An Elemental healing spell

Draconis magni grandine peto quiescere nocte

(Hail Mighty dragon, I ask you to rest this night)

An elemental healing spell

The strength of the Elements I call to you.

For my intent is to heal & mend.

The Earth that turns & Water that flows -

Fire that burns & Air that blows

Lastly the 5th element, the one who knows.

Some call you Spirit, I call to you Soul.

All are needed to make life grow.

My quest is easy & my intent good.

As my soul is prepared & my heart is pure.

Come foreword to attest the ritual I proffer.

Blessed be this altar, & if it please thee, No tools required,
(or Use whatever tools you feels you need.)

A night sky full of stars & Goddess above.
Most important I call with my Heart, Will & Love.

And the strength of the elements to give my words power.
For those who are damaged & in pain that makes you dower

Crash mighty thunder awaken the sky

Lightening brighten the night so I can see with my eyes

Send strength & endurance to those who have fear or mourn.

I pray that you send healing to wounds & psyche that are torn .

I’ve called upon your power & your good graces too.

I send thanks to all elements, the Goddess & my Sleeping Dragon

As I bring this ritual to a final conclusion.

Your presence has blessed us & we feel no delusion.

I release one & all go blessed into this night.

As it has been spoken, so shall it be.

As above, so below

The Spells8 Coven


Lovely, just lovely @Garnet!


Gorgeous! And we have another Weaver of the Words!!! Thank you @Garnet for sharing.
Blessed Be


Beautiful spellwork, @Garnet- I love how this piece draws on draconic energy and the power of the elements! It was a delight to read, thanks for sharing! :heart::dragon:


I tweaked an elemental spell