An interesting observation with the dread 5 of Pentacles

Please let me know if I posted this in the wrong area.

I wanted to share this morning’s Tarot experience as it was rather meaningful for me.

For today’s daily Tarot card draw, my only question to my deck is “help me better understand you.” I am not doing any divination and not even asking a “what shall I pay attention to today” kind of question.

The card I draw was the 5 of Pentacles, which can mean being alone or outcast or simply being impoverished. Since this card is a pentacle, I usually associate the card with the latter, with having a lack of physical or monetary resources.

As always, my heart grew heavy when I saw the card. I may not be performing a reading about future possibilities, but the cards are always relevant.

After pondering the card to better understand its symbolism and then going on with my day, the message of the card dawned on me. Today’s 5 of Pentacles isn’t telling me what will happen regarding my job next week, but it is perhaps advising me that this is how I see myself, despite reality not being in agreement with that view. I have certainly had financial struggles in the past, and that still clouds my judgment in how I perceive and act today.

For me, this was a helpful lesson in how Tarot both works with and aids our self-perception, as well as guiding us in our actions. I thought this was a helpful lesson and a broadening of my understanding of Tarot and how I interact with my cards.

Thank you, Tarot, and thank you all for listening.

From the Illuminati Deck by Kim Huggens and Erik Dunne. (Tarot Illuminati Kit: Huggens, Kim, Dunne, Erik C.: 8601404590832: Books)


Thank you @ben1. That’s a wonderful observation!


Great observation! I’m going to add this to my notes on this card.

I view the 5 :pentacle_tarot: not necessarily related to lack of wealth but lack of abundance in various aspects, depending on what I asked and what other cards are present. It can mean you are going through a tough time and need to reach out to those that can help. I had it stalk me for a few weeks in regards to my spiritually - I took it as a reminder that the hardships we go through are to teach us and allow us to grow as a person.

Also, as a minor card, it means that any hardship is only temporary.


That ‘s a very nice and kind interpretation. It is’nt always easy to let go of experiences in the past. But it is possible if you are aware of it and kind for yourself.


Very wise observations and I especially like your point about minor arcana cards being only temporary. Let us not lose sight of that!


Yes! That awareness and kindness is essential. For me at least, always more difficult to apply it to myself than to others, so this card was a good lesson in that!


Interesting! :thinking: It’s always good to see another person’s perspective on a card and how the symbolism works for them. Thanks for sharing this!