Angel Sitael: The angel of expansion

uardian Angel Sitael is the protector of the Universe. He is also the angel of expansion. The meaning of his name is the God of hope.

In Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Sitael belongs to the choir called Chajoth Ha Qadesh, who work under the assistance of Archangel Metatron. In Christian culture, Sitael is one of the Seraphim.

The Guardian Angel Sitael: The angel of expansion.
Sitael is the patron of the construction of each world. This is the Master. Guardian Angel Sitael helps us to expand any of our activities, and for our actions to bear fruit. He is the patron of planners and strategic analysts. It brings honesty to those who have undertaken to build a business or project. Sitael helps us to recognize our mistakes.

It can help us transform our karma and teach us how to avoid creating a new debt. He will teach you how to be true to your own opinions and how to keep the promises you make to others. Guardian Angel Sitael also fills you with enthusiasm and gratitude for all of God’s creation.

The Guardian Angel Sitael: The angel of expansion, is the guardian angel of people born between 31/3 - 04/04.

If you were born in this time period, then you will not only lead, but also influence. You are lucky people. You feel that financial success is part of your life.

Guardian Angel Sitael also affects your relationship with others. You are kind of a lone fighter. You are too proud to ask for help from others. But you love your life. You believe in the word destiny and know it to be a Divine Truth.

You will be friendly and know how to forgive others. You also like to create and transform. You will support all people with new ideas. You can always speak your mind, letting others know what your real opinion is on a certain topic. Dreams are a great experience for you. In your dreams, you will encounter the past and the memories of life.

Pray for the presence of Sitael and it will bear fruit in your life. Success will come and help you understand your karma and destiny.
O Φύλακας Άγγελος Sitael: O άγγελος της επέκτασης. - Torah .gr


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