Anti-anxietea spell jar ☕

I’m seeing my best friend in a few days - I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing that she’s been struggling with anxiety and sleepless nights recently (we’ve all been there).

She’s a fan of my ‘witchy stuff’ :joy: so inspired by @SilverBear’s Anti-Anxiety Jar Spell with Crystals and Herbs ✨ and my obsession with @Francisco’s I thought I’d prepare a little jar of herbs for an Anti-anxieTEA :heart_eyes:

I typed up a little sheet of ingredients/instructions to go with it and then thought - hold on - I should share this with the Coven! So here it is!
(I’m making it now under the waning crescent :waning_crescent_moon: to banish anxiety - but it could just as well be done with a waxing moon :waxing_crescent_moon: to attract peace/sleep/tranquility)
Use a small, clean glass herb jar. I cast a circle, lit a white candle and lavender incense.
I used the incense to purify the jar and ingredients.
Put each of the herbs in a mortar and pestle whilst saying ‘thank you’ for each of their properties and chanted the below spell whilst crushing. Added a clean fluorite tumblestone at the end - large enough that it will be seen and won’t come out of the sprinkle part of the jar.
Placed by the window overnight to gather energy from the moon and put away before the sun shines on it in the morning.

Anti-Anxietea jar

Charged for 3 consecutive nights under the light of a waning crescent moon

  • To banish anxiety and negativity

  • To promote rest, tranquility and the potential for a fresh start.

  • Chamomile – Love, Purification, Sleep, Prosperity, Cleansing, Peace, Tranquillity

  • Lavender – Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Meditation, Sleep, Peace, Love

  • Passionflower – Friendship, Prosperity, Peace, Sleep, Tranquillity

  • Vanilla – Love, Luck, Relaxation, Peace, Happiness, Prosperity

  • Cinnamon – Love, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Success, Communication

  • Cardamom – Love, Harmony, Confidence, Communication

  • Clove – Protection, Friendship, Confidence, Love, Memory, Prosperity

  • Fluorite healing crystal – Highly protective and stabilising. Grounding and harmonising. Balances positive and negative aspects of the mind, allowing you to experience inner peace. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMERGE FLUORITE IN YOUR TEA/BATH

How to use:

  • Tea ritual - Add ½ - 1 tsp to a cup of boiling water with honey to taste. Allow to brew for 5 minutes. Make a comfortable space to sit as it brews, inhale the scent. Maybe light a White candle for protection and purification. Stir your tea anti-clockwise thrice with the following words:

Stress and negativity,

Depression and anxiety,

Now you are gone from me.

- Take a sip of your tea -

Now stir your tea clockwise thrice with the following words:

Peace and positivity,

Happiness, tranquility,

I feel your warmth inside of me.

-Take another sip of tea -

Draw a pentagram in your tea with your spoon to seal the spell as you say:

And so mote it be!

Calmly finish your tea.

  • Spell jar – Keep nearby and shake/inhale scent when you feel anxiety rising.
  • Bath/Shower – Sprinkle in bath or make up a tea and when it is cool enough slowly wash with it after a shower. You may recite the above spell. Allow your body to air dry afterwards. If you must, only rinse with plain water and pat down gently with a towel.
    And give me the jar back when you’re done cos witches need these things. Much love xxx



Wonderfully crafted! Thank you for sharing. :grin:


I’m a big tea drinker. :tea: When my anxiety was really bad I struggled but tried to focus just on my tea, breathing in its energy. Then I’d keep doing that as I finished it.

That’s what inspired me to create the Tea meditations. I’m so glad to see that you’ve wonderfully captured the essence of the ritual in this post @Limeberry!!

Thanks for sharing! I will use this!!


Wonderful spell @Limeberry! Well done! Thanks for sharing.


This is beautiful, @LimeBerry! :heart_eyes: There’s something uniquely relaxing about a warm cup of tea :tea: And I love the idea to add it to a bath or shower to experience the effects in another way :bathtub:. Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


Wonderfully put together :blush: that’s another I’m adding to my list that I have to do!