Anxiety and Panic Attacks - How do you cope?

That’s hilarious :joy:!! You can’t make that up!!!


Nope, it really happened. I about laughed myself to death and died of embarrassment all at once!


Greetings everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but has anyone tried creating a calming jar, also known as a mindfulness or glitter jar? From what I read they are supposed to help you calm down. Another possibility would be a scent jar which may help in the same way. I have not tried the calming jar yet, but I use a scent jar during ritual to help trigger responses so it may help with anxiety and panic attacks as well. I hope either will be helpful to assist. I’m going to try making the calming jar later today.
Blessed be.


Thank you all for your lovely comments and suggestions. I will try every one! :purple_heart:

I have a therapy session booked for tomorrow morning to explore some cbt options with a new therapist who specialises in anxiety and panic attacks so I’m looking forward/terrified to that lol.

I’ll respond in more depth hopefully tomorrow.

Love and light to all :heart:


I wish you the best of luck and hope for a good outcome and a wonderful connection with the new therapist :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good luck with the new doctor! I’ll be thinking of you! :purple_heart:


I’ve had panic attacks my whole life and I am so sorry to everyone out there that has ever had one. For me I try to remove myself from a situation/place/group if possible. If I am out and it happens I will sit in my car, or stand a bit away from others in a corner, take a “bathroom break”, or look either up towards the ceiling or down towards my feet. If I am able to go outside I will do that as fresh air helps me. And if I am at home I will find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. I then try to find something to look at that I find pleasing (my dogs, a tree, stare out a window, and if there is nothing I will look at my tattoos because I have happy things me partly for this reason). And then I will focus on my breathing and do my best to remind myself that this is my anxiety talking and that I am safe (doesn’t always work, that part of my mind doesn’t listen to the other part of my mind). And for me my husband has learned cues and signs that I am having one; from trial and error we have found ways that he can help me when it happens. Usually it is just letting me know he is near and then staying quiet nearby. If you have anyone that you are close to that is often around this might be something that can help out too. I have had to work at trying to put myself first in those situation; as in leaving a store instead of doing the weekly shopping at that moment, or being late/cancelling going somewhere, etc.

I hope that you are able to find something that helps, even if it is just a little bit and please share if you do. Also thanks everyone else that has shared, there are several new things I will be trying out myself next time I have one.


Quick fix that helps me a lot.; some short-term relief. Fill a plastic baggie (like sandwich size) with cold water and seal it. Close your eyes and hold the bag over your eye lids and the bridge of your nose. Bend over from the waist (hinge) and hold your breath while holding the bag in place. If you can’t hold your breath or don’t want to bend over, that’s okay, just put the bag over your eyes and upper face and try to breathe slowly. This activates the “dive response.” It will slow down your heart beat, just like what happens when scuba divers go under the water. I find I calm down quite a bit when I do this! The other thing that helps me is being outside around trees. But if I am really agitated, I go right for the baggie and cold water.