Any Good Information on 13th Zodiac

I was watching this video from Seeker and I was intrigued to find out at the end of the video that there is a 13th zodiac. Wait, what? A quick search of a few astrology sites downplay the 13th. Coming from another faith that had cracks and inconsistencies running through it, this makes my “Spidey-senses” :spider_web: throw all guides of red alerts. Even our BOS pages don’t list it.

Anyone knowledgeable on this feel like sharing? :nerd_face: I would also love some great info not coming from YouTube or Wikipedia.

Here’s Why Zodiac Constellations Are Still Used in Astronomy


Yes, the 13th or “forgotten constellation” of the zodiac is Ophiuchus. The sun passes in front of Ophiuchus from about November 30 to December 18. And yet no one ever says they’re born when the sun is in Ophiuchus. That’s because Ophiuchus is a constellation – not a sign – of the zodiac.

We’ve had a conversation about it a while back: New Horoscope- thoughts


Thank you. I’ll check the conversation out. I looked up 13th in the search but… that wasn’t helpful. :sweat_smile:


It’s interesting to consider- I admit there is a tempting mystery and intrigue to a 13th Zodiac! :star_struck:

But Francisco makes some very compelling points. And on top of that, it looks like even if Ophiuchus switched up the current horoscope dates, I’d still be Scorpio :scorpius::joy:

Thanks for bringing it up- it makes me curious about how Ophiuchus can influence astrology outside of the Zodiac cycle too! Fun to consider :blush:


The 12 have been with us since the Sumerian Gods. That means from the very beginning. There’s no 13th. Twelve is the root of sacred geometry.


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