Any other Kemitics out there?

So, from my few months as a Pagan, I have discovered that the deities I am to follow were not Celtic, but Egyptian. Being that my ancestry is of Northern European and Welsh, that my deities would be the same.

Well, Hathor/Sehkmet and Thoth had other plans. And now I am very drawn to Kemitism. Which is the modern pagan practice of worshiping the Egyptian deities in your daily life.

So, are there any other Kemitics( those who worship the Egyptian deities) out there?


Not me personally but I have a friend who has been following a Kemetic path for most of her life.

Hooray for finding more clarity on your path! I have come to learn over time that it hardly ever matters (with a few exceptions of ancestor-related practices) what our DNA or ancestry says. The Gods we follow call to our spirit, not our blood.


So true!!! I should have known the Egyptian deities were who I was to work with as I have always had a love for Ancient Egyptian culture and deities. Looking back, it all makes sense


That sounds really interesting. Could you recommend some literature?


Suggested Reading List | Here are some I found. I actually just started watching videos on Egyptian deities and then saw a video about Ancient Egypt and it’s culture and people. One part talked about how modern Egypt is Islamic, but there is a growing pagan ‘cult’ called Kemetic. Well, now I am deep in a rabbit hole.


I’ve been fascinated by Egypt and its history since I was a small child. Who wouldn’t, Pyramids, the Sphinx magnificent tombs. I have several Egyptian statues on my altar but I can’t say I worship them. No matter what one calls them, they are Allah, Buddha, Jehovah = Goddess & God.
But honor them as you will. No one will judge.


Thank you!


@flowing I didn’t know there was a word for it, as I am very new. I have not chosen to follow any deities at this point, but nearly all the deities I am drawn to are Egyptian. I’ve loved Egyptian things since I was a kid too. I may end up on the same path, but who wouldn’t worship Bast :orange_heart: :black_cat: :orange_heart:


I learned about it from a YouTube video about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs. In one part it talks about how Modern Egypt is an Islamic country, but there is a small growing sect/cult of people there who are bringing back ancient Egyptian religion. Also learned Kemet = Ancient Egypt.


I love the Egyptian deities! I myself have always been drawn to them, but as we all know, the dirties choose us. I have since moved on from them, but I definitely still feel their presence. You may find them moving away from you as well, as your journey continues. Blessed Be!


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