Any shop recommendationsin north GA?

Back when I lived towards Atlanta I used to frequent a small metaphysical shop in Sugarloaf Mills to get my crystals and incense but it seems that they’ve shut it down :frowning: Does anyone in the North GA area have and shops they frequent? I really don’t like buying stuff online because I feel like that takes the fun and spiritual connection out of looking for certain things.


Hi @Vampblud,

I’m not anywhere near the North GA area, but bumping this post in the hopes that it might be seen by those who do!

(Alternatively, you could check the Where in the World Are Witches? post in A Sacred Space to see if there are any members nearby who are comfortable sharing their location. If so, you might chat with them about where they shop!)

Good luck- I hope you can find some lovely witchy spaces nearby!


I’m towards Atlanta, but I am not really current on where any shops are at all!