Any suggestions for Performing Ritual while at Work?

Good morning! I have a question about the upcoming Blood Moon….or any full moon ritual at that. I am wanting to do a ritual for the Full Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse but my problem is that I work midnights. I go to work at 7pm and don’t get off until 5am. So my question is how do I perform a ritual when I have to be at work? I watched the beautiful 2022 Super Blood Moon video on YouTube and it says to start your ritual as the eclipse starts….but I will be at work. Any suggestions on how I can do a ritual even though I have to work? Any advice will be appreciated.
Thank you and Blessed Be!!


I’m not sure where you are as far as the timing from start to finish so I am adding a small chart from - Total Lunar Eclipse (article links included)

Total lunar eclipse

People in the Americas, Europe and Africa will see the total lunar eclipse during the night of May 15-16, 2022. Plus, on this night, the moon is close: a supermoon.

Penumbral eclipse begins at 1:32 UTC on May 16 (9:32 p.m. EDT on May 15).
Partial eclipse begins at 2:27 UTC on May 16 (10:27 p.m. EDT on May 15).
Totality begins (moon engulfed in Earth’s shadow) begins at 3:29 UTC on May 16 (11:29 p.m. EDT on May 15).
Totality ends at 4:53 UTC on May 16 (12:53 a.m. EDT).
Partial eclipse ends at 5:55 UTC on May 16 (1:55 a.m. EDT).
Penumbral eclipse ends at 6:50 UTC on May 16 (2:50 a.m. EDT).
Maximum eclipse is at 4:12 UTC on May 16 (12:12 a.m. EDT).
Duration of totality: About 85 minutes.
Note: This total eclipse is central. That means the moon passes centrally through the axis of Earth’s dark (umbral) shadow. The moon is in a near part of its orbit – close to Earth – during the eclipse. It’s a supermoon.

Because they are so deep, such eclipses typically have the longest total phases. In this case, the duration of totality lasts almost an hour and a half: 84.9 minutes!

  • Another question I have is what is the ritual or type of ritual? Do you know how much time it takes? Is it something you can break down into parts from before the start through the total time of the eclipse so you can maybe do them in pieces or within an :hindu_temple: Inner Temple for Casting Spells without Tools?

The Super Blood Moon aspect is the moon will be closer to the earth so it will appear larger & the bloody orangey color is due to the eclipse at the same time.


Suggestions? Yeah, don’t get caught! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do you have any free nights before or after the Moon? 95-99% isn’t full power, but it can still be useful. Another factor is the work you do. Are you in an Amazon warehouse filling orders, or making rounds on a night shift? I agree with @Siofra_Strega that you could look into taking advantage of small increments of time. Repeated small rituals can be as useful/effective as one big one.


This is also true concerning the full moon but it is a supermoon so even at 95 - 99%, the energy is still amplified because the moon is closer to the earth. So the ritual would still be just as effective or close to it as a completely full moon. So you would have about 1 - 2 nights before & after the actual night of the full moon :full_moon:

Unless the ritual you are performing is making use of the lunar eclipse energy & that is why you wondering about the times for that aspect. I’m not sure how long the effects last after the eclipse has gone by or even before… I usually rest on nights of the eclipse because I haven’t totally decided how I feel about working with that energy. I would be interested in the ritual & what happens with it afterward if you do decide to work with the eclipse energy. :smiling_face:


I do agree with the others about being able to modify the timing a little. I’ve had to do that a lot due to work schedules.

We may also be able to help you come up with a modified ritual if we know the basics of what youre planning / your job. If you aren’t comfortable sharing that information I understand though!


I will also be working in part during the eclips hours. However, the entire night and day my thoughts will be with the moon.
I can tell you what has worked for me at times…
Having only 45 min between appointments, i have taken 5 min to thank my watch towers and express my necessity.
Often in times of need all i have is my voice my mind and 5 min of alone time. I have cast more spells than i can count from the drivers seat of my car. Lol
My higher powers dont seem to care from where i give gratitude and still feed my powers whether i use mortal objects or claimed space.
This not being a constant but moderation.

Just how i have had success. You will have to see what works for you. Use a different ritual spell tonight as if you have no objects and 5 min and see how it works. Explore your powers. Grace the power with your presence. Remember to smile.
May the earth and sky bring your wants.
T 976babe


Thank you all for all of the wonderful suggestions. I believe I have figured out how I am going to make it work for me….through a little of everyone’s suggestions. Again thank you all


You could go outside when you take brake or have lunch.