Anyone else being forced to like birds by their patron deity?

… i am not a fan of birds. and I think Brigid is trying to get me to appreciate them by communicating with me via birds… i don’t like it :joy: i went for a walk the other night quite a long one too I was not in a great headspace- hence the walk. It was just a night time neighborhood stroll and I walked by a house as I was semi ranting to myself briefly and stopped because I saw a Great Blue Heron in someone’s front yard. I hadn’t seen one in my neighborhood since i was in high school which was a very dark time in my life. I think she’s telling me better days are coming? But bro. Why biiiiiirdssss :woman_facepalming::sob:


@sambythegram Birds are a big sign for me, particularly Odin’s birds, ravens, crows. The Morrigan loves birds too. ( Loki prefers spiders, :flushed:, and I get tons of them. Will never get used to that, still it’s his way of getting my attention, so it works! :rofl:)

Always big birds isn’t it, never the teeny weeny sparrows :joy:. I find them comforting, its the Gods/Goddesses way of saying, hey, I’m here, right with you. I don’t know if Brigid likes birds, @MeganB will know. :sparkling_heart:


I’m not sure if Brigid is linked to specific birds from the mythology and folklore. She is connected to Spring, which means she could be connected to birds in a way. I believe it’s also Scottish mythology that she’s connected with swans. I would have to do some digging on that and find the sources before I said for sure.


i did see a very small bird outside of my work about a 8 months ago when i originally started trying to contact my patron deity and it behaved… oddly. like it wanted me to notice it. it was a small brownish bird with a red spot on its chest. i looked up birds Brigid was known to be associated with and the bird i saw seemed to be a “geographically accessible” version of it. (meaning it looked just like the bird i found online but was not because I live in texas) and I have read she does like to communicate through symbolism and especially birds. obviously you can’t trust everything for fact that you read on the internet but it didn’t seem impossible?

the only birds i’ve been “chill with” during my life have been birds of prey i love crows and ravens and even hummingbirds and such are beautiful but in general i don’t f with birds lmao guess i’m gonna have to change that


It might not be Brigid, it might be Rhihannon trying to contact you or some other got. Herons were thought to be messengers of the gods so someone is trying to contact you.

Here’s what I found on the Blue Heron: Heron Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens). Hope that helps you.


valiiiiiiiiiid. thanks. i’ll look into Rhiannon that makes just as much sense.


I don’t really have a diety outside of the Christian pantheon, BUT I can tell you that over the last several years as I’ve become more in tune with the natural world around me, I have gone from having no interest in birds to the fact that I know have an app on my phone so I can snap pictures, id birds by song, and read about them at a momets notice. It’s wild! (pun a happy accident!)


@AileyGrey I remember a friend of mine who’s Christian, she used to say if she saw a large bird feather it meant angels were near. I thought how beautiful. :angel:


I can’t believe I spelled Rhiannon wrong. LOL!


So, I did some poking around and can’t find much in the way of verifiable sources for birds being connected to Brigid. There may be some in the Carmina Gadelica from Scotland that connect her to birds, but it may be a stretch. It’s in one of her charms that she used to protect her animals.

THE charm put by Bride the beneficent,
On her goats, on her sheep, on her kine,
On her horses, on her chargers, on her herds,
Early and late going home, and from home.

To keep them from rocks and ridges,
From the heels and the horns of one another
From the birds of the Red Rock,
And from Luath of the Feinne.

From the blue peregrine hawk of Creag Duilion,
From the brindled eagle of Ben-Ard,
From the swift hawk of Tordun,
From the surly raven of Bard’s Creag.

From the fox of the wiles,
From the wolf of the Mam,
From the foul-smelling fumart,
And from the restless great-hipped bear.

From every hoofed of four feet,
And from every hatched of two wings.

Carmina Gadelica Vol. 2: IV. Uibe. Incantations: 136. St Bride's Charm. Sian Bride

I would say that, depending on where you are in the world, Brigid having a connection to birds makes sense (as UPG) because of birds during Springtime and Imbolg. That’s when birds start to mate and lay their eggs.


I’m the opposite- I like birds, but birds don’t like me! :laughing: I think I must have been a cat in a recent past life haha.

Whatever your deity (and the birds!) are communicating to you, I hope it’s a positive sign and points to good things soon to come :blush: :bird:

Blessed be!


Almost! I was told that a familiar would find me. It would be a raven. I don’t mind birds but I thought it was a little strange.

I also had no idea how this would happen. So I let the thought go and figured when it happens, I’d know.

Then one day, I stumble upon a little black rescue kitten. I noticed it because it was already staring at me first. It wouldn’t take its eyes off me.

It was in terrible shape: dirty, smelly, small for its age, had digestive issues and crap around its eyes. But it felt right. Like we were meant to be friends.

I took him home and named him Raven. And he’s just like one. Too smart for his own good, loves shiny things, and so on.

Now he’s been with me for about 5 months and he follows me around wherever I go. He even lays lazily nearby when I do rituals, spells, and the like.


You were meant to be buddies- he made sure of it! Your Raven sounds like such a sweetheart :black_cat: :two_hearts: