Anyone else— cleansing baths

So I find that my moon routine is to take a bath in honour of my goddess Selene. I will light candles, bless the water and pour moon water in.

Makes a difference! I find my mind is calmer. I am more at peace. I will sit as long as I need to— my body tells when I’m done. I don’t say much. Just close the shower curtain and just ground myself in the water. One time I actually reached a point being so calm I had my eyes close but wasn’t alseep.

Anyone else do something g like this? I do it every night or every other night. As needed basically


I’m in the same boat (tub? :laughing:)- I love love LOVE spiritual baths! Cleansing and refreshing at the same time- for the mind, body, and spirit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am guilty of getting too comfortable and falling asleep sometimes, though. Meditation is tough at the end of a long day, and the toasty water and soothing atmosphere is sometimes a bit too tempting for my sleepy brain :sweat_smile:

Moon water is a great addition! :full_moon_with_face:

I like adding sea salt and, if I have them available, flower petals from the garden (just have to clean them first- no bugs invited to spiritual baths! :laughing:) :salt: :rose: The properties of the flowers or herbs and purifying salt are really nice.

Wishing you many blessed cleansing baths, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- enjoy! :sparkles::bathtub:


I really enjoy being submerged in water in general :laughing: but I’m much too tall for my bathtub at home. I find that when I do manage to take a bath, I’m just like you. I feel more calm, more at peace, and much more relaxed.

I’ve always been a water baby :mermaid: my parents used to call me a mermaid or a fish as a kid because any chance I got I was in the water. That’s still true to this day! Any chance I get to go to the beach, I’m there. Any chance I get to go swimming? I’m there! I don’t so much enjoy showers lol but it’s not submerged in water enough for me!

Ya know, I just watched a video on YouTube about the ritual baths that an Orthodox Jewish woman takes during certain periods of time. The ritual bath area is called a Mikvah and I was so entranced and in love with the idea of having a specific area and ritual schedule throughout the entire video. Now of course, I’m not going to copy the ritual bath practices from another religion but it has given me some ideas and inspiration for creating my own ritual bath routine!

Here’s the video if you wanna watch too! → Inside a Mikvah | Tour of a Jewish Ritual Bath | What is a Mikveh ? | Is it Only for Women? | Tips - YouTube