Anyone else just feeling our Coven Family Vibe this evening?

Evening Witches!

Im scrolling through the forum reading some of our posts and I just feel the union we all share and have created amongst each other. I know we all have expressed our thanks to @Francisco for many things (because he does so much) and @TheTravelWitch as well, but really you two Much Gratitude to you both! If you’ve seen some of the Magickal Root stories, this Coven, Spells8 and you both have influenced, rescued, saved, helped, instilled confidence and strength in us all to walk the mystical and magickal paths we journey down. And I know I am not the only one that wishes words could actually carry the amount of gratitude and appreciation that we all have for you both.
I also would like to give each of you reading this just the biggest burst of love and light for being the words of wisdom, encouragement, friendship. and strength for me during the struggles I’ve been dealing with over the past few months. I’m working through the things I can, finding peace in those I can’t, and focusing my energy on my higher good.
Blessed Be This Coven of Ours!
P.S. Any Coven Name poll created yet??? :smiley:


You are so kind @Rowan- I have such a big smile on my face after reading your generous words! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this post and spread the love :hugs: :heart:

Any inspiration or strength is shared- that is the beauty of a coven, after all! Thank you for your positive influence and endless warmth. You are a key part of this forum family! :sparkling_heart:

As for the Coven Name Poll, it seems like there is a lot of excitement around it! :laughing: You can check the post here, but for now it looks like we’ll aim to open the poll later this week! :partying_face:


I agree. Without the Mods of this group setting the tone, it wouldn’t be as warm and as welcoming. Thank y’all so much for making this a place of love and light!


I’m sending that positive energy right back to you @Rowan :heart: Spells8 has helped alot of us, me included! I’m especially grateful! My story is in there on the activity page. And, may you find the peace that you need bc girl, I know you got this! Xoxo


Thank you!


Thank you, @Rowan. I’ve said this before, but you are one of the lights to me as I was getting better. You deserve all of the love and light given to you from this coven.


Woo! I could feel that burst of love, Tamera!! :raised_hands: :purple_heart: :smiley: Thank you so much for this message.

It really makes me happy but it wouldn’t be nearly possible without the help of all the wonderful witches that engage here and share their path to inspire, teach, and offer comfort to others! Thank you!! :woman_mage: :mage: :sparkles:


Thank you @praecog29 that means a lot. You deserve all of the love and light given to you from this coven as well.
Blessed Be