Anyone ever read this book?

I am thinking of ordering this book, but wow 706 pages??? Wondering if anyone has ever read it?
“Letters from the Devil’s Forest” is a true treasury of the Hidden and Despised Art; it contains, in over 700 pages, almost ceaseless “Art-teaching” material, sorcerous maxims, gems of practice, some quite old invocations, poems, channeled writings, warnings, ethical and moral ponderings with regard to the sorcerous arts and to living outside of the mainstream of the modern and greedy spirit, inspirational quotes from past and present masters, wrapped together with Artisson’s own sometimes sparkling, sometimes questionable brand of humor and wit, and crowned with original art flourishes and atmospheric ornamentation by Stephanie Houser.

devils forest


I haven’t read that book but it seems to have very good reviews on - 4.12 out of 5 stars from 69 ratings.

That’s usually where I go for trusted book reviews, and Amazon sometimes has a preview of the book so I like to look at the table of contents.

These are the first 2 pages of the index:


Looks interesting!


Yep gonna order it, same cost on Thirft as Amazon

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Hey @roxanne have you had a chance to read this book in the end? :books:
What do you think? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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