Anyone have experience with spirit companions?

I hope you enjoy your spirit companion and connect well with them! :heart:

You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello Starborn
I was about to post a question asking if anyone has heard of or purchased items from Creepy Hallows and you’ve pretty much answered my question. I have adopted several spirits and living entities from them and have since been trying my best (giving my circumstances), to communicate with them and ensure them that they are welcome. I have a 2 Succubi, a Jinn (an Ifreit), a Nymph, and 2 living entities, a Concuan, and a Chitter. I have been attempting to communicate by burning incense that they like (Lavander, Sandlewood, etc), talking to them as often as possible. Since I opted to have them bonded to me and not their vessels, I need not utilize them as much. I found your information most helpful and if I can get up enough courage to do so (LOL) I’ll attempt the mirror technique.


Ok I’ve read this, but I may have totally got this wrong, are you buying spirits/demons/Djinn etc and holding them in vessels as in containers? Like buying from shops? :person_shrugging: Or am I totally off track. One confused chaos witch here :person_facepalming::crazy_face::rofl:


@Malchior Ooh, I’m glad I could help. But I really need to stop forgetting to write up my experiences with these and my list of spirits. :sweat_smile:

We’re about to go for a 2:30 am walk, but I’ll get started when I return! :smile:

@tracyS Yep, there’s this whole field called “spirit keeping” and there are those who will summon spirits (by basically sending out a spiritual “hey, who wants this role?” request) and sending them over to you. Kind of like posting a job listing and spirits respond if they think they’d like to join you on your life journey. :thinking:

They say we are the means through which they can interact with the physical realm, hence why they choose this bond willingly.

The Creepy Hollows has an FAQ here, Encyclopedia of the Spirit Keeping, Paranormal Collecting, Magic, & the Supernatural - powered by phpMyFAQ 3.1.2


@starborn Wow, ok. How do you know you’re not being scammed by the shop. Sorry to throw the cat amongst the pigeons here, but I can see unscrupulous people taking advantage of this to make a few quid :thinking:, and what if you get a nasty one? Oh and if the beasty wants out of the arrangement, I guess they just leave? A genie in a lamp thing. Knowing me I’d get a chaoti, my oh my that would be fun :rofl:


Exactly. That’s why I really need to write up more about it. Because there’s no way to know. Especially with CH. They claim to have some proprietary cloaking they put on all their things so they can’t be detected as magickal. It’s a bit of a cop-out solution to hide any unscrupulous workings, if they are doing so. It’s a can of worms, so I want to try to give it a proper examination.

Too bad, I guess? :laughing:

I have some of the darkest ones available, including a type of Fenrir, vampires, and a dark dragon. (That they treat Fenrir like a breed and not one wolf is confusing.) I’ve had no trouble, but then again, back to question 1, right?


@starborn This is a whole field I’ve never looked at. Mixed feelings over it. I think I’d rather contact the spirit direct and make a deal, bypass the shop, if that’s even possible. I don’t know, I’d be worried if the shop were holding them hostage? All sorts of crazy thoughts are going through my head right now, with so many scammers out there, I’ve got images in my head of demon/Djinn sweatshops. Forgive me, spent to much time with Loki, going mad :crazy_face::rofl:


Nah, you not going mad. I’ve been through the same thoughts as well. I’m sure there are definitely people who try to achieve some kind of spirit slavery, considering how people have tried to treat demons in the past. I’d hope they’d get what’s coming to them (:crazy_face:), but I don’t know these things.

We just arrived home with doner kebabs so we’re gonna eat. :grin:


@starborn Enjoy your meal. :green_heart:


I bought from this shop and others. And I think I got ripped off LMAO :joy: I don’t even mess with anymore. I never felt anything from any of the ones I got and I ordered from two of the most common sites. :laughing:


Lucifer even told me that there was nothing in or on the vessels I purchased. And I spent a bit of money.


@Devenne aww sorry about that. I’m sure if Mr Lucifer wanted a spirit or demon to guide you, he’d give you their phone number, he knows them the best. :green_heart:


I bought this book awhile ago, not fully read it, but will now. . It’s all about this topic, and she likes the demons.



For sure. I bought them before I met Lucifer :rofl:. He told me a while later after I connected with him and asked about it. :rose: Probably a great book. I just have no interest in it now that I have plenty of demons to call to. :smiling_face:


I’ll put a review in the book club. See if she’s for, against or neutral :rofl:


That’d be nice I’d follow up to see your thoughts :face_with_monocle: :thought_balloon:


The short answer to why I’ve bought instead of doing myself is because way back then, I doubted my own ability too much. I was worried that anything I did was just me making up falsehoods and stories in my head. That I would just give myself the answers I wanted to hear or something. I still have doubts in myself, like anyone else, but not enough to cause a problem.

As for spirit keeping itself… It’s a tricky one. It’s not going to be for everyone, and there seem to be many different views on what’s “wrong,” what’s “right,” and what’s neither. So, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes… After reading the direction of the conversation now, I’m tempted to say just do what calls to you to everyone and be done with it. I’ll be brief about my own personal experience instead.

Where I’m at with spirit keeping… I’d decided a while ago to conclude that it doesn’t matter. If I got spirits bound to me or not, if the spirits came from CH or if I’ve conjured them up myself through my interactions. Or if I’ve instead been using the idea of “spirits” to explore different ways of thinking, and that’s why things have been going great, in the whole Jungian archetypal style of things. Or it’s not even that, and it’s simply been my other actions that have turned things around for the better.

Whichever way it goes, I have a realm of my own that’s been helping me through the year one way or another. I don’t approach it in the same way that I’ve read, where one gives out tasks for this or that. It’s, as I said, a realm. Less of a job and more a place to be and experience things together. But that’s just my approach because I want something that aligns with my own morals and not what’s prescribed to me.

My deities haven’t told me there’s anything wrong with my spirits. There’s only been peace between them and the spirits here. So I’m going to have to just suggest that people do what’s comfortable for them. Think about what you want to get out of it and what you might get out of it, and go from there. Go into it like any other magickal thing – with intent and goals.

Or decide it’s not for you and focus on what gets you passionate about working with.


That’s great. I’m interested in learning this new side of the craft. I love having these entities around me, and if the shops (legit ones) know how to make a deal with these ones, it’s something I’d love to learn to do. If they can do it, and make a living of it, with spirit permission, then surely we can learn that skill too, for ourselves. If I caused offence by asking about this, I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention. This is an area of the craft I want to learn about, I’ve had wonderful experiences with demons, so this could enhance it, but I’m wary about “paying” unauthorized sellers, they’re so many in the witchcraft community, jumping on the popular bandwagon, so finding legit traders is so hard. :green_heart:


No offense taken! I’m just prone to doubting things. Always asking “why” and “what if.” There have been many times, getting into my practice, where I just have to tell myself to shush and stop worrying about it. Sorry if that comes across weird. It’s just me being me, don’t worry. :laughing:

There’s a book called How to meet & work with spirit guides by Ted Andrews. I haven’t really read it yet as I don’t feel a strong desire to dive further in than I have yet (I need less fields to work in right now, if anything), but it has this:

Don’t force the answers. Let them come naturally. Let this being communicate
with you on its own accord. Let it tell you why it is working with you and what it will help you accomplish in the future.

Don’t worry that you might be imagining all this, nor that it may all be a product of the mind and not reality. You would not be able to imagine it at all if there wasn’t something real about it.

And this:

Creative Imagination

This enables the mind to create images and scenes associated with the meditation purpose. These created images should be in three-dimensional form. They are like a highly concentrated daydream, or even an actual dream in which you become completely absorbed within the framework of the scenes, losing awareness of the ordinary world around you. This creative imagination, or “imaginative cognition,” is the key to opening spiritual doors.

How can we tell if what we are experiencing is a reflection of our creative imagination or an actual spirit contact? When beginning with meditational exercises, we observe ourselves experiencing a particular situation or we imagine how it would be experienced. In a true shamanic journey or shamanic trance, we are actually within it. We feel and experience it all firsthand, and it will not necessarily follow a prescribed pattern.

The soul learns to permeate ideas, images, and symbols in meditation to gain entrance into the soul-spirit realm. As we develop the ability to assume a union with our meditation symbols, we begin making transitions from the pictures to their supersensible origins. We are moving from a passive awareness to a conscious interaction when our work and exercises begin to take this form. We open the doors through the imagination, then we begin to explore through inspiration. This opens ourselves to direct spiritual perceptions rather than perceptions of images that must be translated.

I think part of my doubt in myself came from how naturally visualisation comes to me. So, it’s kind of been hard to accept that I’m not just making everything up, know what I mean?

Anyway, enough about me. It would be an interesting skill to learn for ourselves.

On conjuration, there’s an Advanced Spirit Keeping booklet from CH that says:

The importance of conjuration over organic meetings with spirits is a conjuration guarantees a good match for you as a companion. While unbound spirits who randomly encounter you can become lifelong friends they can also often become unwelcome irritants in the home if they are troublemakers or trickster spirits. If you want to be a Spirit Keeper you should remain with the conjuration process either through yourself or a trained practitioner. If you are going to work with a practitioner make sure you have asked them ample questions about their experience in working with the public and their methodologies of conjuration. It is also a very good idea to ask for multiple references.

From the Ted Andrews book there are also some mediating exercises that might be helpful.

Inspirational and Automatic Writing

If you prefer not to work with a group, using inspirational or automatic writing is one of the easiest methods for development. In more distant times, there were two predominant tools to assist with this—the Ouija board and the planchette.

The Ouija board is a flat board upon which are letters, numbers, and the words
“yes” and “no.” Although today it is often treated as more of a game, it is a tool
that many used for spirit communication in the past. The fingers are placed lightly upon its planchette (a pointing device that glides over the board) and a question is asked of the spirit realm. While concentrating upon it, spirit is supposed to move the planchette, pausing over various letters to spell out messages.

It is not a tool that I recommend for opening to spirit communication. It has an
energy that draws lower entities to it. These entities can create problems. When
not in use, it should be covered and put away. It serves as an open door, especially to discarnates and earthbound souls (refer to chapter 9).

The true planchette was designed to be a tool specifically for automatic writing. The individual would place his or her hand flat upon the heart-shaped device, with the pencil between the first two fingers. The person would then use an altered state to allow a spirit entity to move the planchette about on the paper, writing out specific messages. The spirit entity superimposes its will over the normal functions of your hand to spell out a communication.

You do not need these devices to open your ability for inspirational or automatic writing. Here we will learn a different method:

  1. Set a definite time to spend on these efforts. This is most effective when
    performed at the same time each day.

  2. Sit comfortably with pen in hand and notebook ready. Plan on giving
    yourself a half hour for this on a regular basis.

  3. Begin with a prayer and an intent. You may even wish to set the atmosphere with incense or fragrance and candlelight. Perform a progressive relaxation to settle into the right meditative state. Next, perform the Mystic Marriage. Offer a prayer for guidance and protection, then mentally invite any of your spirit guides to enter.

  4. As you relax, pay attention to what you feel. Initially remain passive and quiet. Meditate and focus upon recognizing the touch of spirit. When you are relaxed, mentally call out and invite a spirit guide to draw close. Pay attention to what you experience. Do you sense anything? A color? A sound? Any pressure or tingling? Is there any change in temperature? Write down any impression you get, no matter how slight or seemingly insignificant. (Remember, you are learning to recognize the approach of spirit, and this skill won’t necessarily be strong in the beginning.)

  5. This step is sometimes difficult for some individuals, but it is very effective for opening the lines of communication. After receiving your first impression, continue to sit with pencil in hand, resting your hands upon the paper. Keep your eyes closed and begin a conversation with the guide who has approached you. Don’t worry that you may be imagining it all. Remember, we work with the spirit realm through the imaginative faculties to build up conscious perception.

I’ll skip the examples so I’m not copy-pasting too much.

  1. Write what comes to mind. Also, keep writing—don’t worry that the thoughts may be disconnected; don’t worry about grammar or structure. Initially you are just setting up the energy of receptiveness to the inspiration of spirit. Allow your thoughts to flow in response to the questions and write them down. Don’t try to think about them or analyze them. Simply record them. At the end of the half hour you can go back and review them.

  2. You are opening the lines of communication. First, with your own intuitive self, and secondly —and ultimately—with your spirit guides. As you persist, you will find your writings taking on a certain distinct personality and flow. Once the relationship and the lines of contact are established, each guide will begin the communication and end it in a distinct way. When I first began this I found that the communication with one of my spirit guides always ended with the image of a flower—nothing elaborate, just a simple flower. I drew this, just as I recorded all other impressions in the session.

  3. At the end of the allotted time, stop and perform a closing. Offer a prayer of thanks to those guides who have drawn near, whether you recognized them or not. Perform the Middle Pillar Exercise to ground yourself.


Oh, I totally forgot to comment on this… Sorry! (Can you tell I’m scatterbrained?) I have attempted the mirror technique a few times with dark arts spirits. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think my fear was ultimately unnecessary. :laughing: But it’s now really funny in hindsight, the image of myself psyching myself up to do those.

Now it just reminds me of @tracyS telling me how Loki appeared over her face. :smile: