Anyone have experience with spirit companions?

Anyone have experience with spirit companions ? As far as animals or ones that have a vessel?


I’m not sure if this counts, @Devenne, but I did attach mine to a vessel. What in particular are you wondering? :black_heart:


@starborn Well, I was looking at a Gurum.
This is “Gurum” - an alive energy Artifact, a Spirit-helper that can notably influence on your energy, your inner state and events around by having synchronised with you.
The little Spirit of the area who works with your energy is very interesting. It adapts to you and strengthens your energy. It slightly narrows your aura, your energy shell, stretches it more vertically and again - compacts and strengthens it. There is also the effect of more active work of the personal power channel; you will feel more full of your personal, real energy. I guess they are supposed to work with you. Strengthen you personally and help with personal growth. Thought it sounded cool.supposedly it’s a Gurum in a little doll. One of the ones I was looking at. Had great reviews but pretty expensive. They are through a brand called alchemical fabrica. Then I was also looking at other vessels that supposedly have a kitten, wolf, or dragon attached to them? Have you ever had one?

Edit. They have different gurums that have different purposes. They run over a thousand dollars :moneybag: :scream_cat:


@starborn if you don’t mind me asking :face_with_monocle: What are you housing?


I’m not entirely sure that I understand spirit companion, because I have seen it used to mean different types of things over the years. I’m not sure if these would be helpful or not but I found a few posts that might be:


Not a gurum. But vampires, elves, dragons… Yep. :sweat_smile:

Where to begin. :joy: I’ve split them up into communes by species. I’ll message you, when I get a chance. I’ve tried to keep my information tidy, but it’s still a lot.


@starborn I’ll look forward to it. No pressure :muscle:


I didn’t see anything written on communes, so this is from my notes:

If you have many spiritual companions, creating special spaces for them can be very rewarding. No matter how big or small your home is, you can make indoor or outdoor areas that fit the unique nature of your spirits.

Make sure each space reflects the specific qualities of the spirits, like their type, arts, or powers. For example, you could create a space for fairies or one focused on healing. The design should match the variety of your spiritual family.

Use decorations that fit the space’s purpose, like statues, relics, or water features. Imagine a space for water spirits with a small waterfall, seashells, sand, pearls, and blue fabric. The more creativity you add, the more personal it becomes.

Making these spaces is not just for looks. It’s a way to give your spirits a comfortable place where they feel valued. If you create separate spaces, spirits can choose where they prefer to be based on their nature.

Your space can be simple with just a few offerings or more detailed. It can change as you grow spiritually.

When creating a space, make sure all spirits feel welcome. Set the right atmosphere and be clear about its purpose and the spirits you want to invite.


Then this is on tasking:

Working with spirits helps you grow spiritually. It’s a way to align both your and the spirits’ goals.

Before you ask a spirit for help, clearly outline what you want to achieve. Be specific about the steps and expected outcomes. For example, if you want a new job: find the job listing, get an interview, impress the interviewer, get the job offer, and start within three months. Being specific helps avoid misunderstandings.

It’s important to involve spirits actively in your life, just like you’d want to engage with them. When you give a task to a spirit, be clear about your expectations. If you use spells, make sure the spirit knows how to use them effectively to aid in the task.

You can ask one spirit or a group of them for help. While there’s no guarantee everything will go as planned, if you don’t involve spirits, you’re missing out on potential assistance. By clearly stating what you want, you might also discover new ways to achieve your goals.

Break big goals into smaller steps. This helps you keep track of progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Be patient. Things might not always happen instantly or exactly how you want.

Use the strengths of spirits to achieve your goals. For instance, a spirit connected to love might not be best for a protection task. Spirits can also use spells you have, even if they didn’t cast them. Those who work with a mix of spirits and spells have a powerful combination for personal growth.

Allow your spirits to use all available magical tools to help you. Their expertise in magic can bring about unexpected, positive outcomes.

Openly share your true desires with your spirits. Spirits understand the value of life and genuinely want to help make yours fulfilling.


This is for revealing a spirit attached to a vessel:

Trying to call a spirit, especially if it doesn’t want to come, might upset it. Mirrors have long been used to connect with spirits. You should be ready for this, as what you see might surprise you, even if it isn’t scary. Kind spirits won’t look terrifying, but their sudden appearance might still startle you.

You can use a mirror on a wall, like in a bathroom. If you’re using a small mirror, put it on the floor and sit in front of it, leaning in to see better. Some people like to turn off the lights and use candles for mood, but that’s up to you.

Hold the item linked to the spirit. If it’s big, just put it near the mirror. This works well with human spirits, but other spirits might take a few tries.

To call the spirit, say the following words in front of the mirror:

In this reflective pane, where both dusk and dawn remain,
From cosmos vast to the secrets deep, where mysteries often keep,
Be you of shadow, or be you of light,
Step forward from the veil, and into my sight.
Spirit, unveil yourself, either dark or light,
Reveal your essence, like the day or night.

Soon after, you should notice a presence in the reflection. If you don’t see anything the first time, feel free to try again. This process won’t cause any harm.


I just ordered a female dragon. Hoping we work well together. She’ll be my first.


@starborn I. So grateful for all of this information. I want to grow a good bond with my new companion. I bookmarked Ll your responses here.


That sounds like… Oh, it’s gotta be from BluJay!

They also have a separate online store. Might have some more deals and accessories there, if you’re ever after more.


Yep it is. Have you bought from them??


I got my first from them back in March, a baobhan sith vampire.

Another popular one is Creepy Hollows.


@starborn so you have been Happy with your purchases from bluejay I assume they are legit? Had great reviews.


I only got the one. But I think so. :thinking:

They’re more subtle for me, I suppose, than I’ve seen other people say. But to say that my life has transformed this year would be an understatement, and perhaps one could attribute their influence to it at least somewhat?


I’ve never heard of a “gurum” or “grem”, like they say. I know that spirit companions can be attached to vessels given a space to reside. Spirit companions can be created, as well, in the form of Servitors. I’ve never created one myself, but it is on my list of things to try :joy:

Servitor (chaos magic) - Wikipedia


@MeganB That would be really cool my first companion arrives tomorrow. And I have one other I have coming. Imma stick with just two till I feel I have things going well. If I think I can take on more than two then. Maybe I’ll look into creating them too. That sounds cool. Didn’t think about that. The Gurum or grem that was offered on Etsy sounds amazing. But I can’t bite on that kinda price. Insane . So I chose a different shop. I can’t wait for them to arrive I chose a farrat dragon and a zamada.


From what I’ve read you can either set house rules or don’t. It’s up to you. Here is an example of some rules for your companion.

@MeganB P.s. thanks for the info on the Servitor.