Stone Spirit companions

Wanted to post something of vague interest as Ive been too busy observing and participating in the chaotic Dimensional Swirl to contribute recently. Tied Up! Christmas rollin in like a freight train. Took these pix recently:

Stone Spirits together again for these loooooming HolyDaze:

Many moons past my daughter Teddy was friends w Uncle Charlie, who lived by the Sierra rivers… He collected rocks there and carved them to release an image of the Spirit inside. Somehow during about a million moves I ended up w them, the Stone Spirits. I think Mama Spirit may still b in the garden, but the rest of the family are gathered for holiday cheer in these grim times:
Serious Guy - Tibetan Priest - Papoose.


Your Uncle Charlie was incredibly gifted to be able to bring out the spirits in the stones- they look lovely! And your set up is beautiful :heart_eyes: I am in awe of that double dragon candlestick holder- it’s gorgeous! :dragon_face:

Thanks for sharing your treasures, @sara5! It is always so fun to see everyone’s collections and displays :two_hearts:


Those are awesome. What a great story of Uncle Charlie. In true stone carver tradition he did indeed feel the spirit of the rock and he was just the key to release it. You have honored the gift of those spirits. - Am I allowed to be jealous? - Human failing acknowledge - I am … sigh…
What wonderful treasures!


Such an interesting corner of your home, Sara! Now I want to see Mama Spirit too!

Thanks for sharing the great skills and the beautiful setup too!