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Just discovered him. “Witch N The Working.” Been watching his videos on YouTube and he has some really interesting topics. Just wondering your thoughts on this? It’s a little long, 22 mins.

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I’m gonna have a look at this in a little bit when I have some more time to sit down and watch it. I have my own thoughts about the Irish Otherworld so it would be interesting to see what perspective this video is from. I know many other cultures have faeries :fairy: in their folklore and mythology, too .


Commenting as I watch…

:black_cat: Is he wearing pajama pants? That’s cool lol

:fairy: He says Fae, but which kind? There are many different versions of Them in different cultures.

:star: I’m not familiar with him but he looks like he may be Wiccan specifically?

:open_book: Not sure who these people are that he is mentioning, but I’m gonna look them up.
Thomas the Rhymer and Rev. Robert Kirk and expert RJ Stewart

:mountain: Oregon and Washington mountains mentioned which honestly are magickal in themselves. Going and cutting down our Christmas tree in the Cascades was beautiful. Interesting that he correlates Bigfoot and Sasquatch as being Fae.

:crocodile: I haven’t been to the swamplands here in Florida, so I can’t speak to how that feels there.

:mushroom: Yup, stories of going into the Sídhe mounds (the Otherworld of the Good Neighbors) and humans being affected by time are large parts of that. It is said that going into the Sídhe realm, time moves very quickly there. Then when you come back, everyone you know is dead and you may age quickly as all those years catch up to you and you die quickly and horribly. I mean…it isn’t a fun thing in Irish folklore.

:thought_balloon: Interesting that he says They move through thought instead of physical movement.

:upside_down_face: I’m not sure how I feel about the Faery companion part. They don’t just exist to serve us or be our companions. Then he immediately talks about a misconception, he calls it, that it is okay to accept gifts from the Fae :confused: Here is an excerpt from Morgan Daimler, someone who has studied The Good Neighbors immensely and is a priestess of Them. Without knowing which culture he’s talking about, I can’t really say one way or another.

If offered a gift it is wise to accept it and to offer something in return; however fairy gifts are rarely what the seem. That which seems valuable initially often turns out to be worthless and that which seems like nothing at first is often revealed to be quite valuable. Fairy gifts are also, as often as not, traps, and so great caution should be used with them. In many stories we see something given as a gift that does indeed bring luck or happiness to the person who receives it, but in others the item - particularly if it is food or drink - may act to trap the person or bind them to Fairy. Gifts are never straightforward. You really have to use your head here, because accepting them can be a good idea and refusing them can anger the fairies, but sometimes refusing them is the best choice. Source - Morgan Daimler

He has an interesting perspective and he seems very excited about what he talks about. I just wish he would specify which Fae he was talking about.


@MeganB , thank you for your thoughts and input. I don’t know much about the Fae, only what I learned here . However, I feel the same as you, as far as gifts ,etc, etc… My thoughts are just to simply stay away! Also never heard the Bigfoot association. However, was interesting. ( I’m not sure but I think he’s Wiccan.)
Thanks for taking the time to watch it.blesssed be


Yeah, thanks for sharing! It’s always interesting to hear how others view different cultural beings.


You welcome @MeganB , I thought was interesting


Thanks for that in-depth analysis, @MeganB! And for sharing the video @walter

I have been reading a lot about the Faery realm lately so this topic was very timely. It’s also funny that he mentions both Oregon and Florida which is where Megan has lived this last year. I will be checking out the sources linked above this post.


@Francisco , yes was very interesting. Like I mentioned before. I don’t know anything about the topic. But good to know different views from others. I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on Fae…


Really interesting, @walter! :heart_eyes: Most of what I know about the Fae comes from information shared here or folktales- they aren’t a big part of my practice, at least not right now! So thanks again for sharing the video, and thanks to @MeganB for the helpful video feedback! :+1: It’s always neat to see and learn from how others interact/worship with the fae folk :fairy: :grin:


Thank you for the information! Yes I agree- great to learn from different worshipping perspectives.