Apple and Quince wine liqueur

Mod Note: This post talks about the crafting of alcohol

So, a co-worker of mine gave me a big batch of quinces from his tree and me being me loving food and drinks I found this easy recipe to share with you. I plane to make it soon so I will have it ready for Yule
Please note that I have the measurements in the metric system, so for those who use a different one might need to do the conversion.

What we will need
• 3L wine of our liking
• 1200gr quinces
• 700gr apples
• 4tbl spoons honey
• The juice of one lemon
• A 5L glass container that can be sealed well

• Clean and wash the fruits very well
• Cut them in fours and remove the core and any other bruising inside or outside of the fruits without peeling them
• Cut them in very thin slices or in small cubes and place them in the container
• Pour the lemon juice over them so they will not get dark
• Meanwhile in a small pot heat a small amount of the wine with the honey so to melt it (please be careful just a shimmer not boil)
• Pour the rest of the wine and the wine/honey mixture in the container
• Seal the container well and let it rest in a cool and dark place for minimum 1,5 months
• After the first 2 weeks shake the container every 2days
• After the 1,5 months remove all the fruits and strain the mixture with a coffee filter or a strainer lined with cotton pads
• Our portion is ready :cauldron:

:wine_glass:I like dry white wine as I can later adjust the sugar and the lightness
:wine_glass:You can throw in the mixture cinnamon sticks, cloves or any other spices you like with the fruit combination
:wine_glass:This liqueur needs at least 1,5months to be ready but you can let it rest up to 5months. The more months, the better the taste
:wine_glass:You can adjust the sweetness of the drink to your liking after you strain it. If you want a sweeter taste, you can put syrup made with sugar or honey or some sweet wine.
:wine_glass: Instead of throwing the used food away, you can boil them an make a boozy jam or spoon dessert :candy:

I will upload pictures later when I make it cheers :clinking_glasses:


What a wonderful gift! And the gift was passed forward by you sharing this lovely recipe with all of us- thank you so much, Stavroula :wine_glass: :heart: It sounds deeeeelicious! :yum:

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a quince fruit or not- they don’t have them in the usual stores around here. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for them!

Anyways, blessed crafting and happy drinking! :sparkles: :blush:


ahh, they are very common seasonal fruits here! My mum has a recipe from my great grand mother and every time she gets her hands on some she makes an oven baked dessert that looks like this

It goes very well with yogurt or whipped cream. If you like I can ask her for the recipe!

They look like this and their magical properties is love, lust, fertility and marriage. In some litterature is states that it is a quince that Paris gave to Hellen and not an apple, hence the properties


I never have heard of a quince! The recipe looks awesome!


That looks very tasty! :drooling_face: :two_hearts: You are so kind to offer to share the recipe- thank you!- but I’ll need to look around to see if I can find quinces first! If I can find any around here, I will let you know :blush:

That’s really interesting!

From the picture, it looks like it’s right in between a pear and apple- almost like half and half. Do you think it tastes more like a pear, or more like an apple (or completely it’s own flavor)?

I’m so curious now! I hope I can find some nearby :eyes: :heart: :pear::apple: