April 27 Venus Neptune Conjunction in Pisces, with the help of Jupiter and Mercury

This is kind of a mystical, magical kind of day! Venus (love, creativity, fertility and art; potions and herbs) will be conjuncting Neptune (intuition, dreams, psychic ability, healing) at 24 degrees in the sign of Pisces.

Venus is exalted in Pisces and Neptune’s home is also Pisces, so this is a cozy, heart- centered planetary alignment that is favorable for anything dealing with intuition or dreams and of course, romance :slight_smile: You may feel particularly compassionate, sensitive creative and/or psychic today. This would be a good day for any work around healing, creativity or beauty, e.g, baths, potions, jar, charms, herbs.

Jupiter is conjucting to Neptune (since April 12) and is also in Pisces. Jupiter amplifies energy so expect today’s energy to be like Venus or PIsces on steroids. It is super-mystical, love-y and dreamy. So make a wish! Jupiter brings blessings.

The planets have been forming a pearl necklace of planets in alignment in the pre-dawn skies this week – Venus will be conjunct Jupiter at the same degree during the New Moon on April 30 at 27 degrees - they are “kissing” in the sky…and everyone is talking about it!

Sextiles are harmonious aspects. Mercury (travel, learning, business, divination) is sextiling blessing-giverJupiter and mystical Neptune, making it a good day for learning and intuition, and possibly divination work or otherwise finding answers or making travel plans. The emotional waning Moon is also sextiling Mercury today – a good day to understand or teach others with patience and compassion.

Venus, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter are all working together in the same house today. The houses in astrology change depending on where you live. Where I am, today Venus, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter are all in the 7th house of relationships, partnerships and collaborations. You can check to see where the planets are in what houses where you live using a website, like www.astro-seek.com.

It is a good day to be a witch :slight_smile: This is highly favorable day for learning, intuition, relationships and for manifesting your wishes and dreams about love, creativity, fertility, money, the arts and beauty.

It appears the new moon will carry on this dreamy, sweet energy.


So much goodness in the air- and it sounds like the planets will continue to pair up and bring blessings to the skies over the weekend! The coming days truly are loaded with celestial happenings.

I couldn’t have said it better, Mary- it really is a great time to be a witch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :mage:

Thank you so much for sharing your astrological wisdom- this was really neat to read! :heart:


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