Archangel Asaliax : For knowledge of the Divine laws

Asaliah is the angel of contemplation. He is the custodian of the glorification of God and mystical experiences. He can teach us how to properly examine matters of our concern and how to incorporate our attachment to the Divine.

Asaliah can teach us what and what is the purpose of glorifying divine energy. This is the great teacher and we can learn from him how to become better than yourself. It can also help us find the truth in the little things of our daily lives. But it can also show us the truth about the cosmic processes occurring in the universe.

Asaliah is against immoral acts. Those who encounter dishonesty and charlatanism can turn to him.

Asaliah can protect us from false beliefs, blind admiration, and wrong and dangerous information.

Synopsis: Archangel Asaliax
The guardian angel of those born 11/13-11/17

Αρχάγγελος Αsaliax : Για γνώση των Θείων νόμων - Torah .gr


It sounds like Asaliah would be a good angel to look to during justice spells :balance_scale: :sparkles:

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