Archangel Gabriel the Archangel of the Wednesday

Archangel Gabriel ā€“ The Great Messenger
This Archangel is responsible for creating ideas and increasing creativity, self-belief and our goals.

He is known as the Great Messenger. Archangel Gabriel appears as vibrant violet energy (this color is associated with the crown, 7th chakra, at the top of the head. Through which the spirit of communication flows. In human form, he appears with wings and dressed in white clothing. While holding the golden horn, and in the form of a raven.

With the symbol of the crow:
The energy of the raven focuses on messages from the Other Side. Archangel Gabriel acts as a muse to share inspirational messages with those on Earth. To stimulate progress and bring new ideas into our reality.

With this action, our self-confidence increases so that our goals can be realized. Spiritual honesty and the ability to tap into the simplicity, trust and innocence we experience as children are areas where Archangel Gabriel helps.

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Call on Archangel Gabriel for help with ideas, inspiration for creative pursuits and energy. For new opportunities and resources, to complete our projects.

And with a 2nd symbol, the lion:
With the energy of the lion, which symbolizes the strength, determination and education brought to us by the Archangel Gabriel. It helps us with our goals, reminding us to rest when needed to restore mind, body and spirit to full capacity.


Iā€™m always delighted to find another guiding spirit/deity associated with creative works and crafting- it was a pleasure reading about Archangel Gabriel! :pray:

Thank you for this wonderful information, @AIRAM! :heart:


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