Archangel NITHAEL: The Angel of eternal youth

The meaning of the name Nithael is: God the king of the Heavens (Deus Rex coelestis).

In the Jewish religion it belongs to the Elohims

Archangel NITHAE is the angel of rejuvenation and eternal youth. He can give us beauty, grace and refinement. Those guided and protected by Nithael the Angel of Eternal Youth are to have artistic and aesthetic talents.

Nithael can allow us the freshness and honesty of our childhood. With its help we can feel young and playful again.

Nithael the Angel of Eternal Youth can bring healing to our lives along with synchronicity and stability.

Nithael can heal those who have only focused on outward beauty and appearances.

We pray for his help when we have lust and blind admiration. Nithael Angel of eternal youth can erase volatile situations and emotions from your life.

Nithael can help you by reversing bad attitudes like fear of aging, taking for granted feeling inferior or superior, etc. It can also cure bulimia and anorexia.

Nithael Angel of eternal youth is the protector and guide of those born between December 17/12 and 21/12

Archangel NITHAEL: The Angel of eternal youth
People born under the influence of Nithael tend to become high spiritual officials, lawyers or great doctors. After a political career, they will provide services to the Constituent Assembly. They are likely to be important artists that will become your trademark over time. Their life will be characterized by hard work, as employers or successful entrepreneurs, creating jobs for many people, including relatives.
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