Ashes from Protection spells

Hi guys,
I was just curious after a protection spell are you supposed to blow the ashes towards your or away from you?
I did a protection spell a week ago to protect my house and family from negative energies and asked that only loving energies can enter the house. This is mainly because I know negative spirits gain interest in me when my psychic abilities develop more, they always have done but now I know how to protect myself. When I was younger I would get burn marks appear on me out of the blue. It didn’t scare me because I had ancestors protecting me from them too but they would still get me. My 9 year old niece was staying over and I didn’t want the same happening to her so I did the spell for protection.
When I was finishing the spell I opened my window to blow the ash out of it ( I live with my parents and am a closet witch so couldn’t do it in the garden.). When I blew the ash out of my bedroom window I felt it blow back towards me even though there was no wind. I tried it again and again it blew back towards me. When I blew it again the same thing happened. Some of the ash also stuck to the pot that I used to burn the paper that I wrote the spell on and I took this as a sign that the ashes should have been blown towards the house not away.
Am I correct in thinking that the ash should have been blown towards the house and not away for a protection spell.
Thanks and as always
Blessed be


Huh. This is a new one on me. I’m interested in what everyone else thinks.


Warm greetings @terri6!

That’s a great question- if the spell you used doesn’t specifically tell you what to do with the ashes, then it might involve a little detective work to figure out the role the ashes played in the spell :mag: :female_detective:

Do you perhaps have the spell and can share it here so we can take a look?

Usually, burning things in spellwork is for one of two intentions:

  1. burning to send a message out to be heard by the Universe/deity/etc
  2. burning something to destroy/banish it.

If you were burning protective items (such as herbs or positive wishes for protection), I’d imagine those ashes that carry positive energy should be blown towards the house or intended recipient, in a similar way to how cinnamon is blown towards/into the house in some cinnamon spells for prosperity :brown_heart:

However, if you were burning away the negativity and those ashes contained traces of the negative energy you were trying to remove, then you would want to blow that away from your home :wind_face:

That being said, every spell is different and it’s tricky to guess the intention and function without checking the spell itself- these are just general points offered up for your consideration! I strongly recommend examining the spell for any clues that could point you one way or another :+1:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


Hey there Terri :wave:

That is a great question! I think the answer is going to depend on your personal beliefs. I agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry in the reasons that things are burned. Those are some things to think about, especially if the spell didn’t specify what to do with the ashes.

I’d also like to offer another answer that has to do with the more mundane way that air works rather than a magical one, just for your consideration :blush: If your home has an air conditioning unit or the pressure is different inside rather than outside, it is very possible that when you opened the window to blow the ashes out, air from outside was going inside to fill the void where there was lower pressure. This would mean that it was a mundane reason for the ashes going inside rather than a magical one.

The only person who could determine that would be you based on how you felt and the energy of the spell at the time of casting.

As for your original question of the ashes, I only think it matters based on the spell and if that was an added layer of intention to the spell.

I hope that makes sense!


Hi MeganB,
Thanks for your response. I can completely understand where you’re coming from on the airflow aspect with the idea of the air con causing the ashes to blow back towards me, and it was something I had considered with the first blow of the ashes that it was the angle that I was blowing it so I turned the container it was in ( the top part of an oil burner) at an angle so that the way I blew it didn’t make the ashes blow towards me as I thought it was likely that my breath caused the air to circulate around the bowl. It still did the same thing and again the third time. I live in the UK so don’t have any air con and the heating is currently off until temperatures get ridiculously freezing because of soaring energy prices ( although its pretty cold here at the moment compared to how it was a few weeks ago) so its neither of those. There was also no wind at the time either.
It just made me wonder if the ashes were meant to be blown towards or away during a protection spell. To me the fact that it happened 3 times no matter how I adjusted it just seemed like someone was trying to tell me something :slight_smile:
Blessed be


That makes a lot of sense then!

I’m in agreeance with you, then :blush: It sounds like someone was trying to tell you something! I think in this case if you were to do the spell again, you should blow the ashes in the direction of the house and see if anything changes.


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