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What is ‘Astral Travel’ and ‘Astral Projection’?

While definitions vary- and the terms are sometimes used distinctly and sometimes used interchangeably- both ‘Astral Travel’ and ‘Astral Projection’ refer to having an out-of-body-experience. This is usually done by leaving your physical body behind to traverse through other planes (often called Astral Planes).

Astral Travel and Astral Projection are different from Lucid Dreaming which only occurs while asleep. That being said, there are similarities and it may be difficult for someone to label their experience.

Astral projection (also known as astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of a subtle body called an “astral body” through which consciousness can function separately from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.

The idea of astral travel is ancient and occurs in multiple cultures. The modern terminology of “astral projection” was coined and promoted by 19th-century Theosophists. It is sometimes reported in association with dreams and forms of meditation.[7] Some individuals have reported perceptions similar to descriptions of astral projection that were induced through various hallucinogenic and hypnotic means (including self-hypnosis).

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Anyone astral project?
I did once in my 20s and I have been trying to do it again for over a year, closer to two. I have tried everything and have come to the conclusion I am trying too hard. Lol. I just purchased the same audios the CIA used for remote veiwing back in the 1950s from the Monroe Institute. If anyone would like them and its allowed I will share. We just need to make sure it would be ok. I have seen people share them on reddit, and a few other places. It could go either way. I wont ever disprect the coven, but I got the first and second waves of the Gateway. I paid $130 for them but it migt have been worth it. If you havent seen the CIA files on this please do google. Anyways, i was on tape 5, and I felt it coming on strongly… I felt my soul begin to split from my body and I know how this sounds and I dont care, I totally freaked out. I, me, I got scared! What the what?! I who knows that I cant be physically hurt or killed in the astral realm. I who wants to astral project so badly it hurts. I totally flaked. I seemed realky dark for some reason. I dont know what it was, but I got a really bad vibe and FREAKED and got pulled right back to my body. Sorry I am posting 2 queations. I am not able to get on much because I am horrible at self-care and put eveyone elses needs before my own. Please forgive me. Any advice, tips, insights, anything greatly appreciated!. Thanks in advance.:grin:


Hello @samantha57!

I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed your post here- there have been numerous mentions and discussions about Astral Travel lately, and your post was what finally kickstarted an official masterpost on the subject. Thank you for sharing it! :heart::blush::pray:

You are very kind to offer to share the audio tapes- thank you for thinking of the coven! :heart: Please feel free to share the name, picture, etc, but unless the audios are in the public domain and are available to everyone for free, I’m afraid purchased materials protected by copyright can’t be shared in the forum for legal reasons. Thank you again though, it is very kind of you to offer! :blush:

I’m sorry it was such a scary experience for you! :pray: Do you think it was terrifying because it was unexpected, or did you get the sense that you were going to a bad place?

Astral Travel/Projection is a skill that can take a lot of time to build up. I imagine that, if you feel called to try it again, perhaps trying to do so intentionally might lessen any feelings of fear. Just a suggestion, though- if you felt uncomfortable doing so this time, I can fully understand why you would be hesitant to do it again!

Wishing you all the best- blessed be :heart:


Such serendipity! I have felt called to explore flying the hedge or astral travel recently and have been seeking resources from more experienced witches.

I tend to be very green/hearth centered in my craft. Does anyone have favorite topical or tea infusions for supporting astral travel?


I have always, always been interested in astral travel but have never been fully successful - at least not during my actual attempts while awake! I remember being a young teen and learning about astral projection. I would go to my room to take a nap just so I could try to astral project. I always fell asleep though :joy: but maybe one day I’ll be able to consciously shift into the astral!

I’m not sure of a tea recipe but @Mistress_Of_Herbs has an astral travel spell oil recipe! You can find it here → Astral travel oil


@MeganB here is a tea for Astral travel. If u could add it to my master link too. @heather75 hope this helps

Tea for Astral Travel

rose petals
A dash of Mugwort

Disclaimer: DO NOT USE mugwort if u are pregant or nursing. Also ALWAYS check with your physician before starting any herbal remedy, as herbs can counteract with your medications.


Thanks so much! That’s super helpful. :blue_heart:


@heather75 u are very welcome. I also have an astral travel powder too. Thats super powerful. Im a hedge, i had to hone my astral travel a long time ago. I was accidentally popping into others past lives and stuff. Oops


I got it added to your list of teas @Mistress_Of_Herbs! Thank you for sharing!


@Siofra_Strega u are the BESTEST


I’m really excited to start learning, even if it’s very challenging at firsts!

I would love the powder recipe too. I’m not very talented with the forums yet, so I wasn’t sure how to find it if it’s in a previous post.


Im so excited to have caught the challenge in time lol. Normally i dont catch it until its almost over.
I was talking with my sister (who lives in Detroit. I live in Arkansas) just a few months ago and when she hung up the phone i was instantly in her home standing behind her. She was talking about our conversation with her son.
I was so shocked :astonished: and excited by what i just saw and heard that I had to call my nephew right away and ask him about where he was and what he was doing. He confirmed what i saw and heard.
That has happened to me several times sometimes it seems to always be in present time and out of my control.


Wowww! This is unbelievable! But of course, what exactly is unbelievable in the realm of Magick, right? Nothing, obvio! :sparkling_heart: @sea I am stunned, honestly, after reading your comment!! I wish I too had that sort of ability! :innocent: :face_holding_back_tears: :sparkles: Anyways, (ignore my brooding please!) I love that you could practically travel from one place to another or in simpler words you, teleported yourself! It is really intriguing to me beacuse, not real teleportation but, I twice had a dream in which I saw myself teleporting as easily as the air flows! What did that mean? Can someone here, please explain? I would loove to get some insights! Thank you and Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Oh my goodness, Sea! That’s such an exciting experience!

I bet with time and practice you could learn to control it :blush:

I love dreams like that! They’re the ones that remind me of the magic in the world, even if I’m only dreaming. I don’t know if teleporting has any deeper meaning in dreams other than it’s easier to travel that way :sweat_smile: In dreams, anything is possible!


Hehe…I know, I know. I also feel the same about my dream! Because I obviously can not teleport myself! Lol. And like you said dear, YOU are magic, I am magic and WE all are magic! That’s why there is magic in this world! It’s just that some people are aware and some are not! But it’s always flowing in the air and filling our lungs! Isn’t it true? I know you & me & all of us keep having disturbing times in life, and…that’s why Spells8 is created na! For us to forever stay in touch with the TRUTH. Thank you @MeganB :kissing_heart: and please checkout my latest comment in the Time Magick Challenge section…I seriously need some help in understanding something unique! Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Interesting that I should come across this topic and be drawn to it. I believe I had several OBE as a child - one that is burned into my memory was when my grandfather passed. We knew his time was near so we were all gathered in the family room waiting when I felt pulled from my physical body and was standing with my grandfather and literally looking down at everyone. He looked at, said something to me and let go of my hand. I realized that was the moment he crossed over. I got up and sat next to my grandmother, held her hands in mind and with tears I said to her he was gone - and looked at my father and said the phone is about to ring. It was my mother calling to tell us. To this day, I still feel that oddity. There’s other instances that have saved family members - my family has always played this off saying it was grandma talking to us.


Iwas told that water will help with asteo travel and thank u for sharing ur dream. My dreams are far and few.


Wow thats amazing that u had that time with ur grandfather as he transitioned feom this life. So awsome.


That must have been an odd occurrence, but looking back at it I’m sure that your grandfather appreciated having your company as he crossed over :heart:


I, too, have been interested in Astral Travel… I’ve experienced it a couple of times, both very unexpected and I’m not sure how I got there. I didn’t understand what happened until much later, after reading of other’s experiences. @samantha57
I would love to hear the audio recordings, if you can share them. If sharing is not allowed, can you direct me to where to find them?